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FANtrepreneurship 101

Turn your pop-culture passion into action and launch your first fandom fueled entrepreneurship. From fan-art crafting to story-board drafting, from cosplay design to film location tour guide, anyone can become a fantrepreneur.


Junior Editions of Dugongs & Seadragons

What happens when nerdy marine biologists get together to play Dungeons & Dragons? Why, Dugongs & Seadragons of course! The team behind everyone’s favorite marine science-inspired geek podcast have released several special Junior Editions of their campaign for our younger listeners to enjoy. The Junior Editions of this epic live gaming podcast will delight the mermaids and marine life in your home for hours.

Share using #ACJrAtHome and be sure to subscribe to Dugongs & Seadragons on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts for both the adult and junior episodes. Plus check out their website and Twitter for more updates!

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3 more Awesome Bot coloring sheets

Ready, set, color! Let’s get artistic with everyone’s favorite Awesome Con mascot, Awesome Bot! He’s ready to *boop boop beep boop* – that’s bot-speak for have a super fun time getting creative with you! Colored pencils? Check. Markers? Check. Awesome times? CHECK!

Make sure to share using #ACJrAtHome and stay tuned for more entertaining content to keep you having fun at home!

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PJ Masks Activity Pack

It’s time to be a hero! The PJ Masks are here to help your little heroes have fun while at home. Dress up as Catboy, Gekko, and Owlette with these cut-out masks and amulets and DIY costume tutorials. Plus, make your own PJ Airjet and become a hero of the sky!

For coloring sheets, crafts, mazes, and more SUPER activities, visit the PJ Masks website. Plus, find even more PJ Masks content on the official YouTube channel, where you can watch episodes, sing and dance to music videos, and discover other fun home activities!

Make sure to share how you’re enjoying and participating with the PJ Masks, using #ACJrAtHome! PJ Masks can be found on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Don’t forget to take a photo of your PJ Masks creations and share them with us!

Download full high res activity pack

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Nature Boom Time! from National Geographic Kids

Want to learn more about the natural world in fun and interesting bite-sized segments? Our friends at  National Geographic have shared with us their amazing Nature Boom Time! library for you to enjoy while you’re home! Of course you can totally go outside, as long as you wear a mask and practice social distancing, but sometimes it’s just nice to explore the outdoors from indoors.

From nationalgeographic.com: “Follow Charlie, Kirby, and Patrick as they travel around the United States to learn about different kinds of trees—and what makes nature incredibly awesome. Science and history are explained with paper cutouts and goofy-girl Casey back at Headquarters.”

Be sure to share using #ACJrAtHome and tell us what your favorite part of your local natural habitat is. A very special “Thank you!” to our friends at National Geographic. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to thank them yourself! Click the below images to get started on your learning journey.

Click the above images and get ready for a Nature Boom Time! adventure!

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2 Coloring sheets by Joker’s Harley Cosplay

Hey puddin’! Joker’s favorite girl, Joker’s Harley Cosplay aka Alyssa R. King, has sent over some absolutely gorgeous coloring sheets to keep you busy. These fun coloring pages can adorn the walls of your bat cave, evil lair, or wherever you’re stirring up trouble in Gotham City. Grab your crayons, colored pencils, markers – whatever you prefer to draw with, and finish these lovely pieces of art. Be sure to show off your works of art to your squad, Mr. J, or your annoying Bat friend! Also included as a bonus is an awesome rendition of Persephone from Lore Olympus, if you’re a fan of the WEBTOON.

Share using #ACJrAtHome and be sure to thank Joker’s Harley on Instagram, Facebook, and Patreon for her contribution. Kudos to Alyssa R. King, aka Joker’s Harley, for these coloring sheets!

Download full size Persephone page here

Download full size Harley page here

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Charlie Freaks Out by batteryPOP

Freak out with Charlie!! Thanks to our friends at batteryPOP, you can hear about all the awesome things that Charlie is freaking out over! Whether it’s Star Wars, Minecraft, broccoli or Gloria Estefan, Charlie wants you to hear about it. You can check out all of the Charlie Freaks Out videos by batteryPOP on their website here, or on their YouTube channel here. What will Charlie freak out about next??

Be sure to tell us what you freak out about using #ACJrAtHome. A big thank you to our friends at batteryPOP – give them a thank you by finding them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Oh – and don’t forget to subscribe to their YouTube!

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Water glass music lessons by Wilfredo Morales

Stuck at home but wanting to make some beautiful music? Lacking a more traditional musical instrument like a guitar or drums? Thanks to local music teacher Wilfredo Morales, it’s time for you to let out your inner Mozart and make sweet sweet music using items everyone has in their home – glasses filled with water! Check out these awesome video tutorials and let your inner musician out!

Share your musical experience using #ACJrAtHome! A very awesome thanks to Wilfredo Morales for sending in these videos! Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel here to thank him.

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Spider-Man Storytime with Andy Schmidt from Comics Experience

Our spidey senses are tingling! It’s time for a story about Spider-Man, thanks to Andy Schmidt from Comics Experience. Andy is a comic book writer and editor who has contributed his stories to 5-minute Spider-Man Stories and is ready to read one to you! Andy is one of the comic industry’s most well known teachers, lecturers, and consultants!

Make sure to share using #ACJrAtHome and thank Andy for his awesome reading skills. You can tag and follow Comics Experience on Facebook and Twitter. Keep on reading!

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Ricky Zoom Activity Pack

Make Room for Ricky Zoom! Teaching friendship and teamwork and filled with zoomtastic bike rescues, it’s an aspirational show for your little ones.

Download our Ricky Zoom App Welcome to Wheelford where you can explore Ricky’s world, play tons of games – just for preschoolers – and learn Bike Buddy skills!

Make sure to share how you’re enjoying and participating with Ricky Zoom, using #ACJrAtHome! Ricky Zoom can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Be sure to take a photo of your Ricky Zoom creations and share them with us.

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