Who doesn’t love cute, adorable animals… that are on fire!? Get ready to laugh your butts off thanks to Super Art Fight! These Awesome Con veterans have provided a free, printable copy of their board game, Cute Animals on Fire, just for you! Super Art Fight is the Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe. Founded in Baltimore, Maryland in 2008, SAF has built an enthusiastic fanbase with their hilarious live events, where artists collide on a giant canvas. In 2018, as a part of their 10 year anniversary celebration, Super Art Fight released Cute Animals on Fire, a “home game” version of their show. This print-and-play version allows the entire family to play together! If you’d like to buy a real copy of the game, head to superartfight.etsy.com!

Make sure to share using #ACJrAtHome to tag Super Art Fight as well to share with them how you’re enjoying the game! Facebook: Super Art Fight | Twitter:  @superartfight | Instagram: @superartfight – also stay tuned to Super Art Fight’s social media and website (superartfight.com) as they launch their first expansion pack, Cute Animals on Ice, later this year!

Gather your materials!

  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Drawing Tools
  • Timer

Download the game and play!

cute animals lowres
Download Cute Animals on Fire – the Digital Version 2: You know, for Kids!