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Awesome Con is proud to partner with MAGFest for another AWESOME year of video gaming! Grab a controller and play some console games, or get to know some local indie developers and play demos of their new games. Please note: Schedule subject to change.


Friday, June 3 – 1:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Saturday, June 4 – 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday, June 5 – 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM



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Want to challenge your con buddies to a Super Smash Brothers tournament on N64, Gamecube, Wii, or Nintendo Switch? Are you the master of Mario Kart on N64, or Wii? Care to show us your moves on Street Fighter for SNES, PS2, PS3, or Dreamcast? Get ready, because it’s game on. Check out the full console gaming schedule below.

Consoles friday, june 3 saturday, june 4 sunday, june 5
NES bubble bobble battle toads tmnt 2
N64 MARIO TENNIS mario kart goldeneye
Dreamcast STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 3 CAPCOM VS SNK 2 street fighter
Genesis mortal kombat virtua fighter x-men
PS1 tekken 3 king of fighters twisted metal
XBOX soul calibur halo fuzion frenzy
Gamecube dbz budokai double dash f zero
Gamecube smash smash smash
PS2 tekken tag tournament soul calibur LORD OF THE RINGS: TWO TOWERS
XBOX 360 marvel vs DC universe halo 3 halo 4
WII super monkey ball mario kart mario party
PS3 capcom soul calibur tekken
WII U mario kart 8 mario kart 8 mario kart 8
XBOX ONE dragon ball fighterz marvel vs capcom batman arkham knight
PS4 soul caliber mortal kombat 11 dragonball fighterz
Switch smash bros. smash bros. smash bros.
Switch smash bros. smash bros. smash bros.


Scarlet City of Devils scaled

Game: Scarlet City of Devils

Studio: Shademare
A demon punk 2d metroidvania hack and slash adventure game inspired by Dark Souls and Bayonetta.

Game: Saber Punks

Studio: EFish Games
VR Energy Weapon Fighting Game
Saber Punks
Squirrely Roo Rabbit

Game: Squirrely Roo Rabbit

Studio: Boba Studios
When scorned chameleons swap the colors of all other animals, causing mass confusion and upset, Squirrely Roo, a hybrid animal, springs into action with her chameleon-outcast friend, Cammie, to track down the chameleon king and return peace to the world. Powered by fruit, Squirrely Roo and Cammie explore new lands and solve their puzzles! Squirrely Roo Rabbit is an in-development, 2.5D, puzzle-adventure game based on color theory and featuring a visual style reminiscent of watercolor pop-up storybooks.

Game: The Sand Knight

Studio: LAN Line Games
A 2D kiter fighter in twin-stick style.  Rampage through the bad guys in your giant mech!
The Sand Knight
Fire and Rescue

Game: Fire and Rescue

Studio: Skyboy Games
Fire and Rescue is a homebrew NES game that authentically captures the style of the first generation “Black Box” launch games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Fire and Rescue is a single-screen platformer where 1-2 players race against the clock to put out fires and rescue citizens. The game is available both as a downloadable ROM and as physical NES carts that run on the original NES and other NES-compatible consoles.

Game: OtherWordly

Studio: IDEA Games
OtherWordly is a space-themed, single-player mobile game that involves matching words by their meanings – with missing letters, diverse topics, and challenging obstacles.
Scrap Seas

Game: Scrap Seas

Studio: Fun Freighter Games
Scrap Seas is a Vehicle 3rd-Person Shooter Action Rogue-Like. Build your ship and fill it to the brim with every kind of weaponry you can find. Then take it out into the ocean to take part in fast-paced generated sea battles against your Robot Overlords.

Game: Crescendo

Studio: Nate Largo
Rhythm and stealth combine to create a puzzling mission: infiltrate a tower with a sound-based security system. By carefully timing your movements with the notes of music, you can avoid detection. But not every movement is as quiet as a simple footstep…



Are you the best of the best? Get ready to join in on some video game tournaments at the Next Level Gaming booth #1025! Tournaments include – Super Smash Bros Ultimate Mortal Kombat 11, Killer Instinct, Street Fighter V, Tetris, and more!  Duke it out as your favorite Nintendo characters as you Battle for the Capitol.  You might have the chance to win a Championship Belt!

  • Single Elimination and Round Robin tournaments
  • Single, Single Day, All Weekend tournament passes

Another fight is coming your way!


Gamers Heaven – BOOTH #2005

Welcome home. Visit them at Booth #2005. They are a true second home to gamers, nerds, and otaku. Come into the lounge and be yourself, make new friends, play and relax.