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Awesome Con strives to create an inclusive and friendly environment for all of its attendees. We are happy to provide a variety of services to help you enjoy your experience!


By Metro

The Mt Vernon Sq/7th St-Convention Center Metro station on the Yellow and Green Lines is located about three blocks from the Convention Center. From there it’s a short distance down the street to the entrance of Awesome Con on Mount Vernon Place.

For information about Metro accessibility, please visit the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority’s website at

By Car/Parking

There are twelve designated public parking spaces designated for vehicles displaying disability parking placards/permits or license tags in the following locations:

  • 7th Street between L Street and Mt Vernon Place (3 metered spaces)
  • 9th Street between Mount Vernon Place and L Street (3 metered spaces)
  • 9th Street between L Street and M Street (3 metered spaces)
  • 9th Street between M Street and N Street (3 metered spaces)

All of these handicapped spaces are accessible at the sidewalk side; although the spaces are not marked for wheelchair transfer. These spaces are public parking spots and are on a first come first serve basis. We cannot reserve these spaces. There is no public parking inside the building. There are parking garages and lots available in order to accommodate events at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center and other downtown venues. The hours of operation and hourly rates vary at each facility, so please be aware when leaving your vehicle.



Accessibility and Companion Bracelets

Awesome Con provides accessibility bracelets to attendees with disabilities and up to one companion. [Both the attendee and the companion must have an Awesome Con badge to attend the event.] Bracelets are for individuals with mobility, vision, hearing, or other difficulties and allow attendees and companions wearing accessibility and companion bracelets to avoid waiting in lines for autographs & photo-ops and have access to seating for panels after Club Awesome seating & before general admission. There will be some designated seating, however, you are not required to sit in those seats if you do not want to.

To receive an accessibility and companion bracelet, please request one from the Info Booth in Salons AB near the building entrance, or request one from an Awesome Con Staff member. Bracelets do not include admission to Awesome Con.

Panel rooms will have designated accessible seating toward the front of the room. If you need assistance finding that seating, please ask an Awesome Con crew or staff member.

Most panel rooms at the show are not cleared, however, our Main Stage may be cleared after events. Signs will be posted indicating which spaces will be cleared between sessions. For Main Stage panels, please make sure you’ve lined up at least 30 minutes before seating will begin. If you have trouble standing in line for long periods of time, please speak to a staff member or crew about having your companion wait in line for both of you.

Note: While staff will always do their best to make accommodations, once “General Loading” begins, accessibility seating is NOT guaranteed. Qualification for services does not guarantee the availability of seating.


ASL services

interpreterWe are pleased to be able to provide ASL interpreting services for all of our deaf and hard of hearing fans. These free services are available for you to utilize during panels and programming, autographing and photo op sessions, fan meetups, and more.

Main Stage Panels: All Main Stage panels will be ASL interpreted. Head to the front of the room and look for the ASL interpreter near the left or right side of the stage. There will be specially labeled seats near this interpreter for you to sit in. Please let our staff know if additional accommodations need to be made. Panels and events that have requested ASL interpretation will be labeled in our mobile app and online schedule. Simply head to our Programming page and filter by ASL to find these panels. 

Other panels, autographs, photo ops, and special requests: Our ASL interpreters are available in a limited capacity, on a first come, first served basis for onsite requests for additional panels, autographs, and photo ops sessions. Requests for ASL interpreters should be placed through our application form, however, if the form has closed, please email with your request and we will do our best to accommodate it. If you are at the show, you may check at the Accessibility Desk located in Fan Services in (location forthcoming) for information on ASL interpreter availability not requested in advance.

Mobility Device Requests

Please be aware that Awesome Con covers a large portion of the convention center and can require a lot of walking. Registration covers about a city block, the Main Stage is about another city block and the Show Floor is about three city blocks, which amounts to over a quarter of a mile of walking. Requests for wheelchairs and other mobility devices can be made through our preferred partner—TBA.

Awesome Con does not provide wheelchairs or other mobility devices for the event, but you are welcome to have one delivered to the convention center (Main Lobby) for pick-up when you arrive at the show. Please make sure to contact them early to reserve your mobility device as they cannot guarantee to have something available for same-day requests.



A curbside drop-off for wheelchairs and sidewalk curb cut-outs is located at each corner of the Convention Center perimeter. There are also ramps leading from the 9th Street and 7th Street corners to the doors at the Mount Vernon Place entrance. Automatic doors are located at the Mount Vernon Place, L Street, and Metro (7th and M Streets) entrances.

Inside the Center, meeting rooms, exhibit halls and public areas are all served by conveniently located elevators. Telephones, drinking fountains and restrooms throughout the building are wheelchair accessible. The taxi curbside cut-out located at Mount Vernon Place is available for wheelchair drop-off/transfers. ADA ramps are accessible from either end of Mount Vernon Place.


Passenger elevators located throughout the Center provide access to all public areas of the building. Elevators are alarm-equipped with two-way communications to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center Command Center and have tactile Braille call buttons inside and outside the cars. Elevators will be marked with where the elevator will go. Please note that only those with accessibility and companion bracelets or those with strollers will be allowed to use the elevators.


All of the Center’s restrooms are accessible to persons with disabilities and contain stalls, sinks, and mirrors that are wheelchair accessible.

Additionally, if you are a nursing mother, there are nursing pods available in the convention center.

Service Animals

Trained service animals are permitted in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center with proper supervision. Building staff is permitted by law to ask that an animal be removed from the premises should if it is not housebroken, behaves aggressively, or is otherwise posing a threat to human health and safety.


If you have questions or need clarification, please send an email to