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How to Make an Awesome Bot Paper Craft!

Make your own Awesome Bot—protector of all things awesome!

Awesome Bot is a true leader that regularly battles giant Kaiju and loves ’90s Hip Hop. Get crafty and build this beautiful blue bot to guard your desk and keep all your awesome comics and collectibles safe and sound! Click here for the FREE printable pattern with instructions and check out the companion YouTube video below!

Once you’re finished, share your kooky creation on social media using #awesomebot and #kookycraftables and tag David on Instagram at @landisproductions.

Kooky Craftables are super-fun to make and full of crazy attitude. Find out what other super awesome characters you can create for free at www.kookycraftables.com! Also, make sure to check out David’s premium paper craft books Desktop Gremlins, Vol. 1 and Papercuttables (Published by Scholastic)


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Selections in Documentary and Awesome Films

1. Ballin’: A Kickball Story – Millie Cupp
2. Bristled – Scott Farrell
3. The Carnival Kid – Michael Perry
4. Corky – Ty Primosch, K-J Mathieson
5. Cruel Shoes – Kevan Peterson
6. Daydream – My Kid Brother, Brandon Habuda, Aidan Guynes
7. The Dirty Jersey – Andrea Carey and Maya Forrester
8. How Blue is your Ocean – Joe Pisciotta
9. I’ll Love You Forever – C. Kim Haskell
10. Magic Play – Natasha Canepa
11. Moving on West – Seannie Campbell
12. Mulan: An Eastside Story – Joseph Le
13. ONE DAY – Brian Pennington
14. Places We Can Never Leave – Geoff Stone
15. The Professional – Mike Luciano, Christinia Dunlap
16. Push – Trilina Mai
17. Rooted – Brenna Catherine Davis
18. Say What! A Geriatric Proposal – Aaron Weinstein
19. Stalk Talk Forever – Daren Jannace
20. TF Roll Out: Hot Rod’s Project – Kayleigh O’Connell
21. They Breed Us To Feed – William Strang-Moya
22. Vatna Glacier – Mykhailo Bogdanov

Selections in Comedy and Drama

1. Appleseed Ave – Dustin Scully
2. Blackbird – Brandon
3. Broken Belles – Scott Grady
4. Delete – Joe Carabeo
5. Hipster-on-Hudson – Julianna Pitt
6. Jeremy – Enrique Rico Diaz
7. I Have It – Sam Griffith
8. Lucky Day – Kelly McAdams
9. Marriage Counseling for Friends – Tamera L Fields
10. Method – The Strong Brothers
11. The Mix Up – Han Chuan Kuo
12. Theatre Lovers – Saddiq Abubakar
13. The Magic Bracelet – Jon Poll

Selections in Sci-Fi, Action, and Horror

1. Body Hackers – Dale Metz, TL Westgate
2. Capsule – Brian Pennington
3. Dead Lyft – Steven Belcher
4. Fairy Tail – Justin & Kristin Schaack
5. Human Resources – Charles Martin
6. Ithaca – Jay Saunders
7. Mount Skylight – Ryan Cudahy
8. Pastime – Danny Caporaletti
9. Perfectly Natural – Victor Alonso Berbel
10. Red Light – Alex Kahuam
11. Smiling Woman – Alex Magana
12. Swirly – Sofia Wang
13. The Humanity Trials – Dylan Hintz
14. There’s Something In The Lake – Greg Pope
15. Unfamiliar – J B Toress Medina

23 Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Home This Year

Halloween lovers, never FEAR! Halloween is not canceled for 2020, it’s just going need a little re-VAMPing! Writer and contributor Summer Block (a mother of three) has compiled a spooktacular list of ways to celebrate Halloween safely at home! And who knows? You may just adopt a few new holiday traditions to continue for years to come! Read her list here!

Share some of your Halloween-at-Home adventures using #ACJrAtHome so we can see how much fun you’re having.

Epic Art Tutorials by Shawn Durington

Goblins, and dragons, and knights, oh my! If your kiddo loves to doodle, they’ll love these fantasy-themed drawing tutorials compliments of our friend Shawn Durington!

Share some of your epic doodles using #ACJrAtHome and be sure to check out Shawn Durington on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and online at www.shawndurington.com.

Fantom Comics Back to School Graphic Novel Recommendations

Can you even believe it!? Summer’s at an end and it’s time for the kiddos to go back to school! Whether that means returning to a school building or learning safely from home, our friends at Fantom Comics in Washington DC have some SUPER graphic novel recommendations to share for the occasion. Check out the awesome titles below and follow Fantom Comics on Twitter for more recommendations!

Share some of your own favorite family-friendly graphic novels using #ACJrAtHome and be sure to check out Fantom Comics on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and online at https://stores.comichub.com/fantom_comics.

Heather Blair, Author – New LGBT Time Travel Romance to 1920!

Heather Blair is the author of new adult romance novels including For the Lost TimeLucid Dreaming (18+) and Wide Awake (18+). She was born and raised in Vermont and has spent much of her adult life in New York and Los Angeles. She currently resides in Connecticut with her two cats.

Her latest release, For the Lost Time, just came out April 21st. Shop now!

“When Diego Delgado closed his eyes it was 2020. When he awoke, he was one-hundred years in the past.

Thrust into the dawn of the Jazz Age with no money and nowhere to go, Diego encounters a veritable bouquet of acquaintances including a kind-hearted factory owner, a free-spirited flapper, a worldly-wise mystic, and a strong-willed heir named Thomas Greely.

Diego, desperate to return to the future and reunite with his young daughter, must blend in with the roaring twenties lifestyle while searching for answers.

But distractions are all around him, especially Thomas who is both beautiful and charismatic, and Diego must grapple with the reality that even if he succeeds in returning home, half of his heart will stay behind.”

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