New this year at Awesome Con is Awesome Con Jr, a first-ever family-focused pavilion within Awesome Con. Awesome Con Jr will provide hours of fun with entertaining and educational programs just for kids including interactive opportunities with characters from Nickelodeon’s hit preschool series PAW Patrol and Shimmer and Shine, plus additional fun experiences from The Emoji Movie, How to Train Your Dragon characters, LEGO building zones, a kids costume parade, and more. 


Nickelodeon’s heroic pups Chase and Marshall from PAW Patrol and twin genies-in-training Shimmer and Shine from Shimmer and Shine, plus a life-sized Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon, The Emoji Movie characters!

Character Photo Op Schedule

Friday, June 16

Chase –12-5pm
Marshall – 12:30-8pm
Shimmer & Shine –5-8pm

Saturday, June 17

Chase –10:30am-7pm
Marshall –1:30-7pm
Shimmer & Shine –10am–1pm

Sunday, June 18

Chase –10:30am – 5pm
Marshall –1:30-5pm
Shimmer & Shine –10am-2pm



4 PM- Papercraft Made Easy with David Landis, SCHOLASTIC Author (OPEN TO FIRST 30 KIDS)

No tape! No glue! No knives! Using only colored pencils and scissors you will draw your own 2D character and convert it into an elegant and fun 3D paper sculpture.

5 PM – Kids vs Adults: Childhood Challenge with Chris Mariano

Kids face off against the adults in a drawing contest that celebrates childhood! Both sides will draw products, toys, TV Shows, and characters from their childhood. The opposing side has to guess what it is.

6 PM – Building a Better Batcave! with John Gallagher

You are part of Batman’s trusted team of engineers and interior designers. He has just tasked you with a very important job. Working together, you must design and draw the blueprints for a new Batcave!


12 PM – A Piggy’s Tale Comic Reading and Drawing! with Piggy and Tod Emko

Join Tod Emko for a live reading of “A Piggy’s Tale,” the universally loved all-ages comic. Piggy the Three-Legged Super Pup will be present to greet his public and model as the audience draws the heroic canine. If Piggy likes the drawing, the child will receive the first issue of “A Piggy’s Tale!” All participants will have their photos taken with their drawings, for the website.

1 PM – Let’s go Lego! With John Gallagher
Cartoonist, John Gallagher, shows you how to draw Lego versions of your favorite characters.

2 PM – Superhero University with Chris Mariano (OPEN TO FIRST 30 KIDS)
You won’t be able to fly and it won’t give you superpowers, but you will learn all the ins and outs of super heroics from the industry’s top professors. PLUS you’ll have fun making your own cape and superhero mask! Come to this workshop as a kid, leave as a superhero!

2 PM – The VCS/AWA Coloring Contest 
For ages 4-12. Will have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize! For additional information please check with Venus’s Comic Shop at booth 606!

3 PM – The Drawing Drawing with Mark Mariano

Random words, thoughts, and ideas, combined with the artistic talent of all levels make this the most incredible interactive workshop you will ever attend. Sit back and enjoy the show or grab a marker and join in. This collaborative art experiment is sure to yield plenty of laughs and fantastic art that you can win!

4 PM – Stories and Skills From a Storyboard Artist with Bryan Turner

Bryan Turner has worked on several of your favorite animated series including Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, and DC Super Hero Girls. In this workshop, he will discuss the making of an animated series and share some tips on drawing super cool characters.

5 PM – The AaaaWoooooo Werewolf Workshop with Chris Flick

Have a howling good time as cartoonist, Chris Flick, shows you how to draw werewolves of all shapes and sizes.


12 PM – Alien Art with Dawn Griffin
The Kid Zone will be transformed into an alien factory when cartoonist, Dawn Griffin, shows you easy ways to draw wacky aliens.

1 PM – Draw a Little Dream with Chris Mariano
Chris Mariano interviews kids and parents about their strangest dreams. Professional artists bring their dreams to life on the drawing board.

2 PM – Create Your Own Superhero Symbol with Carolyn Belefski
Every hero needs a logo! Many superheroes have personal branding on their outfits and My Little Pony characters even have cutie marks! Join artist and designer Carolyn Belefski and learn how to incorporate graphic design elements to create an icon and establish your own powerful visual identity.

3 PM – Scribble Scramble! with Mark Mariano
Eight artists chosen from the crowd compete in a series of quick-thinking drawing quests for the ultimate prize: The Scribble Scramble Championship belt. Your doodling destiny awaits.


As part of Awesome Con Jr., Awesome Con is excited to announce the Kids Costume Parade presented by the Emoji Movie! The parade will take place at 1 PM on Sunday, June 18th at the Backlot Stage.

All kids 12 or under and their parents are encouraged to participate.  Any costume is eligible as long as it complies with Awesome Con’s Cosplay and Weapons Policies.

All participants will go on stage individually (or together if part of a group), exhibit two to three poses as our emcee reads the entrant’s costume information, and then exit. No speaking or individualization of music is allowed.

There is no judging as part of our Kid’s Costume Parade. All participants 12 and under receive a goodie bag and are entered into a drawing to win some cool prizes!

All parade participants must be Awesome Con attendees, and badges will be checked before the parade begins.

To take part in the Kid’s Costume Parade presented by the Emoji Movie, you must sign-up in-person at the Backlot stage 30 minutes before the parade. The first 30 kids (and their parents) who apply will be accepted to take part.

Got it? Great! We can’t wait to see you at the parade!


Museum on the Moon

Scientists, curators, and educators from the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum share the many wonders of our Moon. Ask the experts about the evidence that the Moon is shrinking, how our Moon compares to others, the fates of the spacecraft we’ve left behind, how to preserve and display iconic Apollo spacesuits, where you can go to see the Apollo XI Command Module Columbia on its upcoming US tour, and how to enjoy the Moon’s moment in the sun, this summer’s solar eclipse. June 16 at 3pm – Room 143.

Dark Skies, Bright Science: The 2017 Great American Eclipse

Hear from the National Science Foundation about how we understand our nearest star and its phenomena that can impact the life of Earth. In 1989, a solar eruption with the strength of thousands of nuclear bombs knocked out power to over 6 million people in North America. The 2017 Great American Eclipse coming up this summer will present a unique opportunity to study the sun using ground-based observations by citizen scientists and professional researchers alike. Learn the science behind a solar eclipse and how you can safely observe it. Explore the future of solar astronomy with the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope, the world’s largest and most powerful solar observatory currently under construction on a mountain in Hawaii. June 17 at 5:30pm – Room 143

Padawan Lightsaber Training presented by Saber Guild Corellia

Adults and their ‘Padawans’ can join Saber Guild Corellia to learn how to wield a lightsaber and stave off the Dark Side on the Backlot stage. June 17 at 5:45pm – Backlot Stage

*****Sign-up to participate at Booth 1342. Sign-ups are first come, first served!

Frozen Fossils: Dinosaurs of the Antarctic with National Science Foundation

Dinosaurs? In Antarctica? How do we find them? Once you’ve found them, how do you bring them to life in film and in museums? Hear from National Science Foundation’s researchers about the process of unearthing dinosaurs in one of the most remote and formidable locations on the planet. Learn how filmmakers bring these monstrous and fascinating creatures to life on screen, and how museum curators transform them beyond the screen into exhibits that capture the human imagination like few creatures – living or otherwise – can.  June 17 at 7:30pm – Room 143.

Teen Girl Squad: Ms. Marvel & the YA Comics Boom

We’re currently seeing a wave of successful comics aimed at a YA audience, many with girls as protagonists: Ms. Marvel, Lumberjanes, Spider-Gwen and more. Join comics readers, writers, and artists for a conversation about their favorites. June 18 at 12pm – Room 103.

GeekDad Celebrates Father’s Day: Raising Geek Generation 2.0

Join some of the writers from to discuss raising the next generation of geeks. They’ll talk about introducing various fandoms to kids, sharing old and new geeky passions with kids, and choosing which things are appropriate for different ages. Some of them may even be joined by their kids who will discuss what it’s like growing up geek. Come for the unabashed geekery, stay for some great surprises! Join in the conversation and bring your own experiences and questions! June 18 at 1:30pm – Room 149.

The Sarah Jane Adventures, or Doctor Who for Kids!

Doctor Who spawned several spin-off series. One of them starred one of the most beloved Doctor Who characters of all time, Sarah Jane Smith. If you’re a Doctor Who fan and you’ve got kids, but you feel that they’re still too young for Doctor Who, the Sarah Jane Adventures is right up their alley! June 18 at 3pm – Room 103.