Greetings Adventurers!

We are the great guild known as CritSuccess, forgers, and enchanters of high-end gamer products.

Dice Rings™, our main craft, is a new one, in which we take the ancient art of the spinner ring and imbue it with the power of dice. Once etched with numbers and arrows, these artifacts allow you to equip your dice and carry the fine art of gaming wherever you travel. We offer many different styles, including the ever-popular D20, as well as our Counter Ring, which you can use to keep track of HP and life up to 99.

If our reputation does not precede us, we started our journey in the realm of Kickstarter, where we gathered an army of many backers. Now we are marching onto the land of eCommerce, in search of more fearless fighters, wizened wizards, ruthless rogues, and crazed monkeymancers.

If you deem yourself worthy of joining us on our adventure, take this quest upon you and equip yourself with the finest wares.

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