Specializing in high quality, hand made snack/sandwich bags to eliminate single-use baggies in the kitchen.  She also makes wet bags (lined with water-proof material) for laundry, camping, backpacking, beach, travel, toiletries, shoes, electronics, diaper bags, lunch bags, and more.  Her knitting bags are portable project bags with a grommet hole and handle to take your knitting/crochet projects with you.  She is also selling face masks in various sizes.  Sarah’s Stitches products are made to last!  100% Hand made bags, made in her home in Hanover, Maryland.

Sarah has been sewing since college and has turned her passion for fabrics into a business.  She has three children, a wonderful husband, and is also a published author.  You can find her works on most book sites under her pen name, Sarah Jaune.

She has been in business since 2007. Shop now!