“Pin” the Horn on the Unikorn

Reminiscent of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, this game will have kids, blindfolded (with guiding spotters), place the velcro-horn on the Unikorn poster placed within reach. Kids are encouraged to snap a selfie, or have their guardian take a picture of where they placed the horn! All participants will receive a complimentary copy of Unikorn #1!

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Comic Cover Contest (20 Contestants Only)

Draw your own comic book illustration that shows an original or established character in a dynamic pose and interesting environment. Contestants must also include eye catching text to advertise the character. Today, We’re judging a book by its cover.

Contest Prizes

1st Place Winners will receive a $100 prize
2nd Place Winners will receive a $50 prize
3rd Place Winners will receive a $25 prize

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Make and take fairy wand

Workshop for kids of all ages to make and take a fairy ribbon wand. Supplies will be available, just bring your creativity!


Rebecca Roberts Ryan

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Create A Comic Fun

All participants will get a complimentary copy of Scout Comics’ Create A Comic! The comic has a chapter for coloring, another with blank word balloons, and a short story with the hero area left blank so that the young creator can draw their own hero! Richard Rivera will talk about comics, the team members who make them possible, and the roles they they play! Activities and discussions celebrating comics and welcoming the new generation to the joy of reading comic books!

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Drawing Heroes and Villains

Come and join us as you learn to draw a couple of your favorite heroes and villains from across all fandoms. This panel is great for all ages and levels of artistic ability.


Shawn Durington

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Build A Better Batcave with John Gallagher

Batman’s secret headquarters needs a revamp, and AwesomeCon Jr.’s young artists will add their own special suggestions, and draw along with Batman’s Special Architect, John Gallagher. Add a Bat-Gaming room? Check. A Bat-Diner! Check. Maybe a place to wash robin’s cape? Anything is possible, when you use you Bat-Imagination!


John Gallagher

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Dugongs & Seadragons Junior

What happens when nerdy marine biologists get together to play Dungeons & Dragons? Why, Dugongs & Seadragons of course! The team behind everyone’s favorite marine science-inspired geek podcast are running a special live recording of their campaign for our younger guests. Join the goblin plumber Clogg and his team of adventuring plumber trainees for daring adventures in the sewers below the city of Arronax.

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Kids Superhero Yoga

Welcome Future Hero’s! This Kids Yoga class will include poses, games, and activities that will challenge their mind and body Superhero Style! Perfect for kids 12 and younger.


Sean Fraser, Michell Fujiwara, Aine d’Alton, Gretchen Sprehe

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Super Cats to the Rescue!

Children will don a Supercats cape and rescue a plush kitten, “flying” through a kid-friendly, non-obstacle course! Avoiding safe obstacles and non-scary potential pitfalls the new Supercat recruit will bring the lost kitten safely home to receive their drawing ticket! Every rescue will be cheered and celebrated as we acknowledge the hero in every child! At the end of the presentation a drawing will be held and lucky winners will take home their own Supercats cape! All participants will get special Supercats coloring pages!

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Original Character Design Contest (20 Contestants Only)

Can you draw the most Spectacular Spider-man? Have you impressed people with your superb drawings of Superman? Impress our judges with your best drawing of your favorite comic book or cartoon character during AWA’s Fan Art contest!

Contest Prizes

1st Place Winners will receive a $100 prize
2nd Place Winners will receive a $50 prize
3rd Place Winners will receive a $25 prize

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Soulstream Mage Bracelets

Children will learn a little about Soulstream and the magic bracelet that allows her to control water. After a discussion about different magical powers and what kinds of powers a young superhero might have, the kids will get a worksheet with a blank bracelet. After deciding what their power will be… fire… hope…etc., the leaders of the workshop will help the children design their own paper bracelet! After the creations are completed, they will be cut out and taped to make a bracelet that can be worn at the convention!

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Fantasy Cosplay Fun with Catra(Ryn) & Friends

Cosplay teammaytes Ryn, Sydney and Braden will help kids create elements for their own fantasy costumes. Ready to become an elf? Need a unicorn horn to complete your costume? Maybe a medieval mask is what you want. Our three costumed experts will show how to use everyday objects to make costuming fun!

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Get in the Action with Marcus Williams

Tuskegee Heirs Artist, Marcus Williams, creates dynamic characters and comic pages overflowing with action. In this workshop, Marcus shares his insight and techniques on bringing more excitement to your characters and stories.


Marcus Williams

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Create Your Superhero Symbol with Carolyn Belefski

Every hero needs a logo! Many superheroes have personal branding on their outfits and My Little Pony characters even have cutie marks! Join artist and designer Carolyn Belefski and learn how to incorporate graphic design elements to create an icon and establish your own powerful visual identity.


Carolyn Belefski

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Paper Toy Workshop!

Have you ever wanted to design your own robot, super hero, or monster FIGURINE? Join artist and paper toy designer, David Landis, for a CREATIVE WORKSHOP where you can design, draw, color, cut, and assemble your very own PAPER TOY. Marvel at how your creation COMES TO LIFE in 3D form! It’s the perfect activity any age!


David Landis

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Soulstream Read-Along

A brief introduction to the all-ages fantasy series created by teenage phenom, Saida Woolf! Saida started work on this series in her young teens, and now, at seventeen, she is proud to present her first graphic novel. Participants will have a chance to be picked for the slideshow read-along where they will become the characters in the comic! All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of Soulstream issue #1! Q&A encouraged during and after presentation.


Saida Woolf

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Kids Cosplay Parade (Open to first 30 kids)

Kids, get ready to strut your stuff! Awesome Con is excited to announce the Kids Costume Parade! Registration is limited to the first 30 kids (and their parents). Our Kids Cosplay Parade will be hosted by the Cosplay Competition’s official host, Mikal Mosley.

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Silent Disco

You know you’ve got the best moves in the Marvel Universe. Grab a pair of headphones and dance to soundtracks from video games and movies. Family friendly themes. Headphones will be sanitized between use.

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Saber Guild Kids Lightsaber Training

Younglings will take their first steps into a larger world virtually with Saber Guild’s Kids Lightsaber Training. Saber Guild’s elite costumed Jedi will interact and walk kids through an introductory course to lightsabers and The Force. Guiding them through the first form of lightsaber combat, Shii-Cho. Once the younglings understand this form, the instructors will teach them how to use their lightsaber for defense, showing basic dodges, blocks, and Force moves to protect themselves forms the Empire or the First Order. The younglings might have the chance to use what they have learned against Saber Guild’s costumed Sith.

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LOOT Scavenger Hunt

Participants will get a card with boxes to get checked, pictures to take, and things to find. Teaming with another child or adult guardian is encouraged! All kids participating will receive a complimentary copy of LOOT #1!

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Cosplay Photo Booth

Oh Snap! Bring your Hero Support (or Arch Nemesis) and take a selfie. Green screen and comic book props at your disposal. Max of 6 per party. Receive a digital download and printed photo as a souvenir.

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Super Baby Obstacle Course

For our littlest cosplayer – a soft surface to crawl, climb and show off their super moves. Temperatures will be taken and anyone with a temperature above 99 degrees or displaying a cough or runny nose will not be able to enter. Surfaces will be sanitized every 30 minutes.

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Drawing Lego Heroes with John Gallagher

Everyone loves Legos, because they can become anything!—Learn to draw brick figures and turn them into your favorite hero, monster, wizard— or even you! Using simple shapes,


John Gallagher

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Fan Art Contest (20 Contestants Only)

Have you created the coolest character this side of the multi-universe? Come show them off during AWA’s Original Character Contest! Character should be your own creation and have a backstory.

Contest Prizes

1st Place Winners will receive a $100 prize
2nd Place Winners will receive a $50 prize
3rd Place Winners will receive a $25 prize

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Animated Animal Art with Alexandra Bowman

Draw animated rabbits, mice, lions and more with Georgetown University’s award-winning cartoonist, Alexandra Bowman. Alexandra will show you how to draw lovable characters in a few simple steps, and help you get started on creating your own funny furry creature!


Alexandra Bowman

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Max Meow vs. Mash-Up Super Villains

John Gallagher will show kids how to draw Max Meow, Cat Crusader, using pURR-fecly simple shapes—and then the PAW-some fun begins! Young artists will combine an animal, super power, and sport to create a new villain (or hero) for Max Meow to meet! One lucky artist wins a Max Meow Backpack Pull!


John Gallagher

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Flip Book Fun (Open to first 20 kids)

Cartoonist John Gallagher grew up loving traditional animation, and loved to spend hours creating animations using a pencil and a pad of sticky notes. Now he’s sharing his techniques with you, so you can spend hours making your own flip book animations.


John Gallagher

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Let’s Draw! Drawing Pop Culture Characters!

Do you want to learn to draw some of your favorite heroes, villains, and animals from across movies, cartoons, books, and comics? Well this is the place for you come learn to draw a variety of character with simple step by step instructions suitable for any age or level of artist!


Shawn Durington

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Stanley the Snowman Birthday Party

Cool down with this fun activity! It’s Austin Janowsky’s birthday and his creation, Stanley the Snowman is throwing him a “surprise” birthday party! Participants will get a coloring page with Stanley and Jenny, plus, another page with party accessories to color and place on Stanley and Jenny! Also, all kids will be shown how to make a party hat to wear for the surprise! Austin himself will join the presentation at the end and kids can yell surprise!! He will be available for Q&A about Stanley and comics in general!


Austin Janowsky

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Billy & Tugboat SallyForth: A Whim Sea Story

Co-creators Fishhawk & Rocket will present a live retelling of their new, first-in-a-series children’s book, Billy & Tugboat SallyForth. This book is a hybrid of a picture book and a chapter book, and it includes graphic novel style comic art sequences as well. It tells a nautical tale of little Billy’s adventures on the Wide Whim Sea in his tugboat. Book and program alike are appropriate for kids of all ages. This storytime retelling will feature audience participation (on stage and/or in your seats) and a pirate treasure chest full of costumes and props for kids to interact with. Grownups can play along too! A grand (and very silly) time is guaranteed for all.


J.N. Fishhawk, Johnny Rocket Ibanez

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Princess / Prince Training

Would you like to know what it takes to be a princess or prince? Come join our royal court. You will complete a service project, play a game of “Royal Says”, learn a confidence pose, and have a coronation ceremony.

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