Anime Meetup

Make a friend and chat about your favorite fandom! Join your fellow fans and creative cosplayers for a Cosplay Meetup. Take a selfie with a matching fan, make new friends, and debate those longstanding debates with other obsessed attendees. Cosplay is encouraged, but not required. Come on out and meetup! Please note that our meetups are an accepting and inclusive space for everyone.

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That Gundam Thing

Gundam has been around since 1979 and has spawned a vast number of series over the years. This primer brings you into the multiverse that is Gundam. Taking a look at numerous shows and timelines, we will find out what series is right for you!


Eric Rutledge, Julia Klag

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Establishing Shots!: Dynamic Background Design

This is a seminar/panel presentation on how backgrounds and layouts can affect storytelling possibilities for animation, comics, and gaming (it is connected to lessons presented in my book “Set the Action!”, a textbook on background design for media artists published by Focal Press). I go through focus of environment within story, the mood desired, layout for best use, authenticity of design, and pretty much treat backgrounds as characters.


Elvin A. Hernandez

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The Pacifist Ideals of Hayao Miyazaki

Hayao Miyazaki’s pacifist beliefs are evident not only in his films, but also in how outspoken he has been on issues such as the remilitarization of Japan or efforts to amend Japan’s constitution. Join us for a discussion on Miyazaki’s pacifism as we trace these ideals through his filmography, from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind to The Wind Rises.

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The Good, The Bad, and The Duwang

A humorous and informative look at the “Bizarre” history behind one of Japan’s biggest series. Join JoeyJojo’s Wacky Trip as he talks about The Unreleased Phantom Blood Movie and where it might be found, the translation to the Cancelled Jojo PS2 Game, How an animation mistake almost caused a boycott of Japan, and the Duwang translation and who really made it.


Nicholas Dennis, Mark Dennis

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Miyazaki 101

A brief overlook at the filmogrpahy of critically acclaimed animated filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki. welcoming both fans of his and those unfamilliar with his work. Maybe we’ll help find your favourite Miyazaki movie.


Nolan Roberts

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