TopTrio3 – A Podcast Powered By You (18+)

Welcome to TopTrio3 group. Next phase in Interactive fun on the internet. Every episode our host go over a few amazingly chosen subjects and gives their honest biased opinion on the Top 3 answers. We ask that fans weigh in on their pics as well and they could possibly get their answers on the show. At the end of every episode we will be giving away a prize to a lucky fan. You have to reply to our show to be picked for the drawing. We are always looking for suggestion and comments on how to better the show. We hope to do a live podcast during the event and get fans involved. Give away some prizes and have a few debates.


Richard Smith

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Blerds at Awesome Con! (18+)

Attention! Calling all Blerds (Black Nerds 🤓) Join your fellow Blerds (and anyone else –all are welcome!) to discuss what is going on in the world and how it affects Black programming. Topics to include but most definitely not limited to fandom, dating & relationships, cosplay, sexuality, and many more! No topic is off limits!


Margaret Horton-Gaskins

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The Fic List; or, Taking FanFic (Mostly) Seriously (18+)

In this (mostly) serious panel, two nerds talk about their podcast, The Fic List, where they espouse the many merits of fan-fiction – as a creative outlet, a means of self-expression and discovery, and a basis for community. We also just… really love fan-fiction and want to give it the credit it deserves for being something so many of us sincerely enjoy. So join us as we discuss favorite fics, top tropes, and the ways in which fanfic genuinely enriches our lives.


Erin Murphy, Alan Gonzalez Bisnes, Caitlin Toner

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Rocky Horror Minute (18+)

A very special pop culture study by two lovable podcasting idiots who like to break down the Rocky Horror Picture Show in excruciating detail, one minute at a time.


Leandra Lynn and Kelly Hanson

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