From the TARDIS to Mars orbiters, from Space-X to X-Wings, spacecraft of all types hold an unparalleled grip on our imagination. Spacecraft present us with all the heady excitement of race cars, jet planes and a voyage into the unknown all in one. We know them by heart in their myriad wondrous shapes and forms: the NASA Voyager probes and Mars rovers, the laser gun-wielding fighters of Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica, the mighty Borg Cube and many more. In this panel four NASA scientists will discuss rocket and spacecraft designs and technology – past, present and perhaps far-off future – and answer audience questions about NASA exploration plans for our solar system, both human and robotic. This is a great opportunity for writers, artists, or just the curious to be inspired and ask questions to the experts.


Dr Conor A Nixon, Dr Giada N Arney, Dr Ravi Kopparapu, Dr Stefanie N Milam

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Saturday, August 21
Room 144AB - Science Fair