Everyone wishes they could wave a magic wand every now and then, and the popularity of magic as a theme in books is proof of that. The allure of having secret powers to make all your wishes come true is a universal concept that has spurred millions of books, comic books, movies, and TV shows. How is it that magic is such a pervasive theme in fiction? Join fantasy authors J. Kelley Skovron (Hope and Red), Constance Sayers (The Ladies of the Secret Circus), Cerece Rennie Murphy (The Wolf Queen Duology), Peter V. Brett (The Demon Cycle Series), and Jordan Ifueko (Redemptor) alongside moderator Ulysses Campbell, as we untangle the mysteries of magic in writing.


Jordan Ifueko

Peter V. Brett

Cerece Rennie Murphy

J. Kelley Skovron

Constance Sayers

Ulysses Campbell

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Friday, August 20
Room 143AB