Are you sick of cookie-cutter cis-het fantasy systems? Do you want to create joyfully queer mythologies of your own? In this workshop, the creator of the massive multiverse Averno will take you through the process of queering your fantasy systems step by step, from creating non-gendered languages and non patriarchal religions, all the way through interlocking storytelling design and creating compelling character arcs (that don’t involve coming-out trauma, burying your gays, or any of the other harmful stereotypes often present in LGBT media). We will also look at non-Eurocentric forms of fantasy worldbuilding, and how to widen the lens of our imagined landscape. By queering our fantasy systems, we open the door for more imaginative and expansive forms of storytelling that don’t rely on outdated narratives- it’s time to tell a new story!


Morgan Smith, Jamie Frazier, Alecsys Proctor-Turner, Alexa Chalnick, Janeen Garcia, Cayden Larrosa

Event Timeslots (1)

Saturday, August 21
Room 102AB - Pride Alley