Never Tell Us the Odds is a YouTube channel where two friends engage the community and share their love of the multi-generational adventures of Star Wars. The hosts are a pair of third culture kids who had very different introductions to Star Wars — one is an original era kid and reformed action figure collector, the other a prequel era kid and LEGO aficionado. But whether in Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Nigeria, Mongolia, or even the US, they each used Star Wars to connect with friends and strangers alike. Their presentations touch on the old and new Expanded Universes, look at the ever evolving lore of Star Wars, prognosticate on what tales (or retcons) Lucasfilm has in store for us, and encourage people to share their own stories of connection brought about through a shared love of the galaxy far, far away.


Michael Allen Lake, Brendan Reibe

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Friday, August 20
Room 103