Learn the power you have within. Join us and take a closer look into how cospositivity can help you use it as a platform for antibullying, children’s charity, to help you over come social anxiety and so much more. Cosplay not only allows us to look like our favorite superheroes, we can also become one. We can become one by promoting cospositivity. We stress and promote how important it is to cosplay from the heart whoever you want whenever you want; having acceptance to all shapes, sizes, colors, genders and skill level. Spreading how important it is to be kind to all cosplayers because they were brave enough to cosplay, put a lot of thought into it and do it out of the love for a fandom or character. We also discuss how to become heroes by incorporating charity with cosplay. We all care about something so let’s support each other, appreciate the craft, creativity and hard work that goes into cosplay but most of all let’s all have fun and do good while doing so.


Jamila Howard, Amy Seiden, Jeremiah Curtin

Event Timeslots (1)

Friday, August 20
Room 103