“Pin” the Horn on the Unikorn

Reminiscent of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, this game will have kids, blindfolded (with guiding spotters), place the velcro-horn on the Unikorn poster placed within reach. Kids are encouraged to snap a selfie, or have their guardian take a picture of where they placed the horn! All participants will receive a complimentary copy of Unikorn #1!

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Kids Superhero Yoga

Welcome Future Hero’s! This Kids Yoga class will include poses, games, and activities that will challenge their mind and body Superhero Style! Perfect for kids 12 and younger.


Sean Fraser, Michell Fujiwara, Aine d’Alton, Gretchen Sprehe

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Super Cats to the Rescue!

Children will don a Supercats cape and rescue a plush kitten, “flying” through a kid-friendly, non-obstacle course! Avoiding safe obstacles and non-scary potential pitfalls the new Supercat recruit will bring the lost kitten safely home to receive their drawing ticket! Every rescue will be cheered and celebrated as we acknowledge the hero in every child! At the end of the presentation a drawing will be held and lucky winners will take home their own Supercats cape! All participants will get special Supercats coloring pages!

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Silent Disco

You know you’ve got the best moves in the Marvel Universe. Grab a pair of headphones and dance to soundtracks from video games and movies. Family friendly themes. Headphones will be sanitized between use.

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Saber Guild Kids Lightsaber Training

Younglings will take their first steps into a larger world virtually with Saber Guild’s Kids Lightsaber Training. Saber Guild’s elite costumed Jedi will interact and walk kids through an introductory course to lightsabers and The Force. Guiding them through the first form of lightsaber combat, Shii-Cho. Once the younglings understand this form, the instructors will teach them how to use their lightsaber for defense, showing basic dodges, blocks, and Force moves to protect themselves forms the Empire or the First Order. The younglings might have the chance to use what they have learned against Saber Guild’s costumed Sith.

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LOOT Scavenger Hunt

Participants will get a card with boxes to get checked, pictures to take, and things to find. Teaming with another child or adult guardian is encouraged! All kids participating will receive a complimentary copy of LOOT #1!

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