In Conversation with Tom King and Mitch Gerads!

Adam Strange is a space explorer that’s literally a man of two worlds, and to some people, he’s not the hero that he thinks he is. Through the course of the run, Strange Adventures has been told from two different perspectives. Now, ahead of the massive conclusion to the Eisner-nominated series, find out fromTom King and Mitch Gerads how they pulled the comic together, along with Evan “Doc” Shaner, in a way that tells one unified story.


Mitch Gerads

Tom King

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Meet Marvel’s Extreme Carnage Team

Get to know the team behind Marvel’s fiercest symbiotes! The Extreme Carnage team will discuss everything you want to know about the five Life Symbiotes and their great challenge yet, courtesy of their big bad older brother: Carnage. Chat with Clay McLeod Chapman, Alyssa Wong, Steve Orlando, Phillip Kennedy Johnson about this explosive family reunion. 


Alyssa Wong

Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Clay McLeod Chapman

Steve Orlando

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Awesome Con Short Film Festival 2021: Awesome Docs and More!

Year 6 of the Awesome Con Short Film Festival, presented by Astray Productions, Day 3 brings back the wild card block of Awesome Docs and More! Historically speaking this is the block of films in the festival you don’t know what genre you might watch next. From eye widening Documentaries, to animation that pull the heart strings and music videos and beyond, this film block never disappoints. This screening will be followed by a Q&A of filmmakers in attendance. Once you’ve seen them all, your vote matters in the Awesome Film Audience Choice Award. BE SURE TO CAST YOUR VOTE – Presented by Astray Productions

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That Gundam Thing

Gundam has been around since 1979 and has spawned a vast number of series over the years. This primer brings you into the multiverse that is Gundam. Taking a look at numerous shows and timelines, we will find out what series is right for you!


Eric Rutledge, Julia Klag

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Black Female Superheroes: Blaxploitation to Obama

Often under-represented and under-appreciated, Black Superheroines like Storm, Monica Rambeau, and Nubia have been kicking tail and saving lives with the best of them. Let the SyFy Sistas introduce you to 10 Superheroines that you never knew you needed in your life.


Yvette Blackmon Tom, JD Keeling, Subrina Wood, Fran Taylor, Tamia Harper

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Obsidian Brews: A TTRPG

Obsidian Brews is a deep dive into the world of Fantasy Table Top Role Playing Games, the various types of games within the genre, and the limitless potential for Black players to build and create their own characters and worlds, creating spaces for expression and representation. Join us as we go over the ever evolving rules and elements, the concept of homebrew gaming, and the future of Table Top in a post-pandemic world.


Samantha “Bendy” Mitchell, Robert “MadDrRob” Madison, Matthew “Samurai” Walker, Anita “Tranquil Ashes” Riggs

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Chillin Like A Villain

Are Darth Vader, Lex Luther, and other villains just misunderstood characters? Are they the ones actually fighting for the greater good or are they just plain crazy? We will look into the misunderstood and often hated characters in fandom! Why? Because villains need love too!


Lauren James, Robert Platt, Johnathan Young, Rafina Hansen

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The Pacifist Ideals of Hayao Miyazaki

Hayao Miyazaki’s pacifist beliefs are evident not only in his films, but also in how outspoken he has been on issues such as the remilitarization of Japan or efforts to amend Japan’s constitution. Join us for a discussion on Miyazaki’s pacifism as we trace these ideals through his filmography, from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind to The Wind Rises.

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The Good, The Bad, and The Duwang

A humorous and informative look at the “Bizarre” history behind one of Japan’s biggest series. Join JoeyJojo’s Wacky Trip as he talks about The Unreleased Phantom Blood Movie and where it might be found, the translation to the Cancelled Jojo PS2 Game, How an animation mistake almost caused a boycott of Japan, and the Duwang translation and who really made it.


Nicholas Dennis, Mark Dennis

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Awesome Con Short Film Festival 2021: Comedy and Drama

Year 6 of the Awesome Con Short Film Festival presents Day 2, the Comedy and Drama film block. Enjoy a selection of films from filmmakers local and around the country that will makes your eyes cry from laughter or heart pound with drama. Past filmmakers that have had their films screened have gone on to write or star or direct tv shows and movies you know, so this is definitely a must see showcase. This screening will be followed by a Q&A of filmmakers in attendance. Once you’ve seen them all, your vote matters in the Awesome Film Audience Choice Award. BE SURE TO CAST YOUR VOTE – Presented by Astray Productions

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The Rise of K-Everything

Over the last few years, Korean culture has become inescapable. K-pop bands dominate the charts and sell out stadiums around the world. K-dramas are more accessible than ever. And a Korean film became the first non-English language film to win Best Picture at the Oscars. But did you know that this rise has been part of an active effort by the South Korean government? Join us as we trace just exactly how Korean culture became one of South Korea’s largest exports.


Priscilla Pertica, Melissa Lazaro


The Baby Yoda Hour

Only one thing can unite the entire Star Wars fandom in happiness… Baby Yoda! (Yes, yes: we know his name is Grogu.) Join us as we talk about the impact that little green cutie has had both in our world and in the galaxy far far away including what his mere existence might mean for the galaxy.


Bria LaVorgna, Jay Shah, John Liang, Meg Humphrey, Sandra Choute, Brandon Pyle

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Who You Calling a Villain?

What does it mean to be a villain? Movie villains have gone from supporting characters in classic hero’s tales to protagonists in their own movies and franchises. Join the Movies That Matter podcast team in a discussion about the rise of villain-centered movies. The panel will dive into the trend, discussing the values and morals reflected in the sub-genre and how it relates to society today.


Nicole Funari, Stacy Moore, Christopher Robinson, Garret Shelenhamer, Alexandra Thompson

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Zack Snyder’s Justice League: A Case Study of the Auteur in Contemporary Cinema

Salisbury University’s Bellavance Honors Program provides students the opportunity to pen an academic thesis on the topic of their choice, and that includes superhero movies. This presentation by undergraduate Jacob Beaver will explore director Zack Snyder’s vision for the Justice League team, realized on screen for the first time, and how the Snyder Cut has changed the entertainment landscape and film theory forever.


Jacob Beaver

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Crafting Magical & Sci-Fi Worlds

From Middle-Earth to Bon Temps to Tattooine, every fictional world has its own rules, history and unique trademarks that make them feel as real as our own. In this panel, authors will share a behind-the-scenes look at how fictional worlds are developed, from epic fantasy to space opera to horror.


Lauren Blackwood, Timothy Johnson, Malka Older, Emily Thiede, E. J. Wenstrom, Fran Wilde

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Geek Comedy Tour: Video Game Special Edition

There will be geekery at this show. And enough obsession with video games to kill a moose. Appearing for the first time at AwesomeCon, the Geek Comedy Tour will be combining its lust for nerdy stand up with its outright obsessions with video games, gaming culture, and everything good, great, and terrible with the video game industry and making fun of it (and themselves) for 90 minutes. Experience points shall be awarded at the end, levels shall be gained, psyches shall be shattered, and there shall be bonus lives for all.


Chris Barylick, Joe Deeley, Emily Ruskowski, Jared Stern, Jelani Willis, and Joe Deeley

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Tales From the Indie World

Come hear indie comics creators share tips, tricks, and stories about creating their own worlds as well as the business of making comics. Emily S. Whitten (The Underfoot), Thom Zahler (Love & Capes, Warning Label, Cupid’s Arrows), Chuck Brown (Bitter Root, On the Stump, Trench Coats, Cigarettes and Shotguns), and Amy Chu (Sea Sirens, Wonder Woman, Girls Night Out) will discuss their experiences and answer your questions.


Amy Chu

Chuck Brown

Emily Whitten

Thom Zahler

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Awesome Con Short Film Festival 2021: Sci fi, Action and Horror

Welcome to Day 1 of year 6 of the Awesome Con Short Film Festival 2021! Our first black of films is the Sci Fi, Action and Horror showcase. We always want to start our show with a bloody good time, and this block of films year after year never disappoints. From filmmakers around the country and locally, these films will make your head spin, just the way the creators intended. Watch at your own risk, you’ve been warned. This screening will be followed by a Q&A of filmmakers in attendance. Once you’ve seen them all, your vote matters in the Awesome Film Audience Choice Award. BE SURE TO CAST YOUR VOTE – Presented by Astray Productions

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Miyazaki 101

A brief overlook at the filmogrpahy of critically acclaimed animated filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki. welcoming both fans of his and those unfamilliar with his work. Maybe we’ll help find your favourite Miyazaki movie.


Nolan Roberts

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Back to the Future: Adventures in a DeLorean Time Machine

How to Fall in Love, Build a Time Machine, Become Rich and Famous, Tour the World, and Cure PD. Join professional time travelers Terry and Oliver Holler as they take you on an incredible fan journey, and inspire you TO THE FUTURE! Discover through their experiences how you can take adversity and turn your passion into a purpose.


Terry Holler, Oliver Holler

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