The Elder Scrolls: SKYRIM!

Whether you played it on XBOX, PlayStation, PC or Alexa (Yes, really!) SKYRIM has consumed the imagination and playable hours of gamers for almost a decade! Join voice actors Wes Johnson (Sheogorath, Hermaeus Mora, Lucien Lachance, Emperor Titus Mede II) and Craig Sechler (The Adoring Fan, Hircine, Haknir Death-Brand, Peryite) and surprise SKYRIM related guests as they give out fun prizes and discuss the plans for Bethesda Game Studio’s Big 10 Year SKYRIM Anniversary Celebration! 


Wes Johnson

Craig Sechler

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Godzilla: Just a Giant Lizard?

Godzilla is an iconic image worldwide. However, what’s often overlooked is how this giant lizard is a metaphor for the atomic bomb. Come learn about the atomic bomb’s history, its use, and its destruction–identifying the symbolism found in Godzilla, both original and new.


Melissa Lazaro, Priscilla Pertica

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The Sistas Who Save the S*#t, um, SHIP

Join the SyFy Sistas as they discuss two unsung SF heroines, B’Elanna Torres (Star Trek: Voyager) and Naomi Nagata (The Expanse). Which one saved the ship the most times? Who can out engineer the other? And which one secretly sleeps curled up next to a roll of duct tape? Okay, we made up that last one, but the discussion will be dope none the less!


Tamia Harper, Subrina Wood, Yvette Blackmon Tom, JD Keeling, Fran Taylor

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Attack of the Cheesy Line-Reading Contest!

Awesome Con’s most talked about panel returns! Watch some of the DC area’s bravest actors (your fellow Awesome Con attendees) take on cinema’s corniest dialogue from across space and time. You’ll laugh! You’ll cheer! You might even cry! Either way, it’s sure to be an experience you won’t find anywhere else. NOTE: Attendees who would like to participate in the contest are asked to please line up outside the room fifteen minutes before the start of the panel. Space is limited. First come, first serve.


Christian Evangelista, Jason Chang, Troy Holley, Brandon Troy, Lawrence Waldman


Ranking Doctor Who: Top 10 Companions

Join our Panelists as we each reveal our Top-10 Lists of Doctor Who companions, taken from both the Classic and Modern Series. We will discuss and defend our choices. Arguments may ensue. Booing is welcome. In case of bloodshed, consider the first three rows splash zones.


Sean Gleeson, Kieron Cowan

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Unpopular Opinions & Unbelievable Facts: Live!

The nerdy discussion game gets an “Awesome-Con Edition” combining a little “Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me,” a little “Jeopardy,” some “discussions in comic book shops,” and a LOT of “awkward”? discussion! Panelists (with audience participation), respectfully answer surprising-but-true questions based on Awesome-Con Themed news, scientific research, and pop culture fandom debates – with a focus on ‘controversial-adjacent’ topics in nerd culture…for points! From astrophysics to Zork…comic book crossovers to commodification of 80s nostalgia…from Marvel movie memes to comment section culture…TV tropes and little-known-factoids…all of geekdom is fair game!


Battle of the Badasses

Join the SyFy Sistas and build the most bad a- Shut your mouth! – bracket of brawling women in Starfleet and beyond. From TOS to the Delta Quadrant, we have all the women mixing it up. Will the Borg take the Klingon? Will Vulcan martial arts beat Star Fleet’s Security training? does the Mirror Universe trump the Kelvin Universe? You will decide in this audience participation free-for-all.


Subrina Wood, Tamia Harper, Fran Taylor, Yvette Blackmon Tom, JD Keeling

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From Blade 2 Blade: Black Representation in Marvel

From the humble beginnings of the Blade Trilogy, to the importance of Black Panther, and forward to Blade, again, Black representation in the Marvel Universe has been a roller coaster ride. Join the SyFy Sistas for a “Look, Ma, no hands!” discussion of what Marvel has done right, where they can improve, and what we hope to see in the future.


Tamia Harper, Subrina Wood, Fran Taylor, JD Keeling, Yvette Blackmon Tom

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The True Unsolved Murder That Inspired Twin Peaks

In 1908, a 20-year-old woman named Hazel Drew was killed in the woods of a town in upstate New York. The murder, which was never solved, helped inspire Twin Peaks cocreator Mark Frost’s contribution to the murder of Laura Palmer. David Bushman and Mark Givens are the authors of an upcoming book on the 113-year old cold case: Murder at Teal’s Pond: Hazel Drew and the Mystery That Inspired Twin Peaks (forword by Mark Frost), due out in January 2022 from Thomas + Mercer, which includes never-revealed-before information and a very compelling argument as to the identity of the murderer, and why he was never pubicly identified. Join us as we delve deep into the myriad of mysteries surrounding the murder of Hazel Drew, who, like Laura Palmer, lived a life filled with secrets.


David Bushman, Mark Givens

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Introduction to the First Doctor

This presentation looks at the first Doctor, William Hartnell. It takes a look at each of his 29 Stories, and gives recommendations on which ones to watch and which ones to skip. Along the way, we look at some of the important behind-the-scenes people and events of the early days of this long-running show.

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Diversity in Pop Media

Join children’s book author Arsia Rozegar and his panel of creators as they discuss diversity in pop culture. Panel will discuss the importance of proper representation and diversity in pop media, the challenges faced by creators as well as the strides and progress that has been made over the years.


Did I Do That?

Plus Ultra Entertainment presents: “Did I Do That?”: a panel on the impact 90s black tv/sitcoms had on pop culture and the growth of black nerd culture and POC representation Join Plus Ultra Entertainment for good vibes, good conversation, trivia & giveaways.


Roquois Clarke, Geoffrey Moore, Chauna Lawson, Ashley Mincey

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Saber Guild Lightsaber Stage Performance

Saber Guild Dathomir Temple presents a production made just for Awesome Con 2021. Saber Guild is a non-profit, all-volunteer, international organization that specializes in lightsaber stage choreography and education. Dathomir Temple is the Washington DC and State of Maryland chapter of Saber Guild. Don’t miss this spectacular lightsaber performance which is perfect for Star Wars fans of all ages.


Randy Ward, Linda Ward, Anne Klein, Sara Klein, Nicole Webb, Marcus Price, Jireh Silva, Liz McQuay, Josshua, Nieves, Harry Maurer, Teresina Carper, Edward Brunson, Charles Wright and Arial La Marca

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Talk Back To The Critics!

Talk back to some of DC’s top movie critics about what it means to review movies in a post-pandemic world. How has the industry changed over the last year? What are some of the best films that you may have missed? What does it take to be a film critic at a time when online journalism has absolutely exploded? And of course, talk back with your thoughts on the movies you think critics got absolutely wrong!


Travis Hopson, Matthew Razak, Roxana Hadadi, Jason Fraley

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Stupid Games, Stupid Prizes

Is your IQ over 9,000? Join DC Gaming Group for “Stupid Games, Stupid Prizes”—a trivia game with a twist! Teams will compete in rounds of trivia and minigames to find the nerdiest nerds in the district! “Stupid Games, Stupid Prizes” is DCGG’s take on your classic bar trivia. We’ll test your knowledge of video games, the MCU, Star Wars, Rick and Morty, and even SpongeBob—it’s all on the table in this crash of craniums. But wait, there’s more! Teams must also dominate in minigames to pull their teams ahead. Be warned… the games will be stupid and the prizes even more stupider. No team? No problem! Teams will be set randomly at the host’s whim so be prepared to make friends and work together.


Ren CdeBaca, Kreston Shirly

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Star Trek: Picard

A discussion on Star Trek’s favorite Captain and his T.V. show.


Lorenzo Heard, Randy Hall, Wayne Hall, Ann Harding, Tamia Green

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Who is worthy of lifting Mjolnir

Captain America. Vision. They are both worthy of lifting Mjolnir. But who outside of the Marvel Universe is capable of picking up Thor’s hammer? What are the values that enable a person to wield Mjolnir? Is it self-sacrifice? Humility? Compassion? A warrior’s spirit? All of the above? Join us as we discuss with our audience who (from Samwise Gamgee to Princess Leia) and which qualities allow “whosoever holds this hammer, if they be worthy, to possess the power of Thor.”


Chris Pabon, Peter Tyler, Rebecca Jones, Lance Logan, Melissa Wasser

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Nerdgasm Presents: Harry Potter Trivia!

Wands at the ready! Only one team can win this duel. Come prepared with your in-depth knowledge of the Harry Potter world! Bring all of your friends named Hermione and let’s see who can pass their N.E.W.T.S.!


Stacey Golding, Joelle Kondrath, Jennifer Kelly

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The Whovian Review: The Villains of Doctor Who

Join us as we delve into the most alluringly dangerous, devious, despicable and deadly entities to scourge the Whoniverse: the villains. While some exude blood-chilling terror, others leave us questioning morality as they blur the lines between good and evil. You won’t want to miss our exploration of the darkness that has captivated audiences for generations.


Shelby Sweeney, Michael Wexman, Colin Sweeney, Jase Dowdy, Kelsey Codde, Karl Herman

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Current State of Prowrestling & Pop Culture

What a crazy year it’s been in the world of professional wrestling and all things pop culture! We never thought as fans we’d see these industries start to get back to normal but slowly it’s happening. AEW, WWE, IMPACT WRESTLING, New Japan, MLW, and others are back in full effect again! So to is the entertainment industry. Join us as we discuss the current state of these industries, good, bad, and the ugly, and what the future holds with your special guests.


Anthony DeBlasi, Anthony Missionary Thomas, Lee Sanders

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