Establishing Shots!: Dynamic Background Design

This is a seminar/panel presentation on how backgrounds and layouts can affect storytelling possibilities for animation, comics, and gaming (it is connected to lessons presented in my book “Set the Action!”, a textbook on background design for media artists published by Focal Press). I go through focus of environment within story, the mood desired, layout for best use, authenticity of design, and pretty much treat backgrounds as characters. This presentation could be fitted to a 30 minute (introductory) presentation, a 45- 60 minute class session (I can make time for questions within this framework as well) or it can be extended for longer if needed be.


Elvin A. Hernandez

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Cosplay on a Budget

Ever want to dive into cosplay but worry about how much money goes into cosplay? Cosplay on a budget will expose cosplayers of all levels to tips and tricks make an awesome costume for the right price


Nick Jones

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Cosplay Photography for Beginners

You have a camera and an idea but don’t know where to begin. This panel will go over the basics with new and budding photographers who want to become better at photographing cosplayers. We will discuss everything from posing, lighting, location and editing. Also, tips will be given on how to get published as well.


Harry Crosland

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Comics in the Classroom

For years kids have stuck comic books in textbooks and avoided homework by going to the local comic store. Comic books and graphics novels were seen as, at best, recreational reading material. This, however, could not be farther from the truth! Emerging research shows that comics and graphic novels are motivating, support struggling readers, enrich the skills of accomplished readers, and are highly effective at teaching all subject areas, not just English. Join us as we explore just how crucial comics and graphic novels are to include in a class curriculum!


Emily Cissell

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The Writer’s Ally Presents: Get Off Your Draft

Many aspire to write a novel. Far fewer make their way to the end of the all-important first draft. Maybe you revise too much, or too little. Maybe you spend all your time world-building and never get around to writing. Maybe you lose your motivation when the well of new ideas stops flowing. Either way, it’s time to get off your draft and finish. Presented by freelance editorial boutique the Writer’s Ally, Get Off Your Draft brings editors and authors together for a fun and informative panel on what it takes to reach that next step forward—a completed draft—on the road to becoming a published author.


Harrison Demchick (moderator), Laura Shovan, William Ray, Lia Mack, Marcos Antonio Hernandez, T. C. Weber

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Completing YOUR 1st Indie Project: A Step-By-Step Workshop

It’s time to stop dreaming about your first project and finally get it done! Join our incredible panel of indie artists in film, graphic novels, art, books, and comics as they share what you need to know (and do) to take your project from idea to finished product. The panel will include brief presentations on best practices from each artist, followed by an in-depth Q & A session designed to address YOUR specific challenges and help you move ahead!


Cerece Rennie Murphy, Greg Burnham, Marcus Johnson, Joe Carabeo

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Why We Make

Every artist has an inspiration for what they do. Art can be anything from painting a picture or making a sculpture to cosplay or graphic design. Why We Make discusses what inspiration is, where it comes from, and how to get others inspired to become involved in the arts.


Nick Jones


Resin Casting for Cosplay

Resin is a versatile material that can be used to create jewelry and props that enhance cosplay. From earrings to life-sized keyblades, the only limit to crafting cosplay accessories in resin is your imagination. Join Mythril-Arts for an introduction to resin and techniques for casting.


Allison Carswell

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Cosplay & Community!

Taking your cosplay passion to the next level by impacting the community around you!


Darlena Blander, Yvette Blackmon, Ann Perry, Leslie Stewart, John Chamble, Lily Tom

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Meet the Rebel Legion – Terrapin Base

The Rebel Legion is an international Star Wars costuming organization created by, of and for people interested in creating costumes from the Star Wars mythos. Meet some of members and learn about what we do, our costumes, and how you can participate too!


Olivia Gorman, Liz McQuay, Eric Teneza, Jessie Lynch, Jireh Silva, and Kellie Hendly

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From Hotdogs to Smash Bros: Unique Jobs in Gaming

For the past 10 years, I’ve worked in promotional marketing for various video game brands. From roadshows, to PAX, to the Super Smash Bros Ultimate release in Tyson’s Corner. What kind of background got me into this line of work? Simple… I started out selling hotdogs. Crazy right! You would be amazed by how many skills could snag you a job in the gaming industry, no coding or design necessary! In this panel-workshop, we will discuss some of the unconventional careers in video games and other fandoms and the tools you will need to get your foot in the door.


Cameron Brock, Jamie Rogers, Justin Genova

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Massive Prop Flex

If there was anything good about 2020, it’s that we had lots of time at home to work on props and costumes. Join us to celebrate props that had sat half-finished for years, items that were finally crossed off to-do lists and never-quite-right costumes that are now perfect. The panelists will show their favorite props, including a magic bat 4 years in the making and a helmet commission that almost got lost in COVID. Attendees can bring their best pandemic props and talk about what they did during the year without a con.


Steve Fritzinger, Phoenix Fritzinger

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Super Slay: Making Fashion out of Cosplay

This panel will go into how you can make cosplay fashionable, and visa versa. The panelists will discuss what they do when they design and make a costume that some would also consider a fashion piece. The designers will provide examples of how simple it can be to make a costume be both fashionable and cosplay ready.

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This panel we talk everything Marvel/MCU. From the Netflix shows, the movies, the Disney plus shows, future projects, ranking movies/characters, and overall celebrate the love we all have for Marvel!


Steven Castillo, Chris Catin

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Incorporating Nerd Culture into the Classroom

We take a look at how movies, comics, and video games can be used as a reference point for education in any grade level or focus area. We will go over 3 tiers of incorporating the content in your classrooms and develop ideas for lessons together!


Anthony Shadman


Collect Like A Curator

Collectables, replicas, and original props – how do we keep them all in the best shape? How to do we care for our fandom objects, whether we wear them or put them in a glass case? Have a conversation with museum professionals as they provide a crash-course in caring for collections and answer questions!


Elisha Mantegna, Rachel Frederick, Cali Martin


Latin Dancing for Nerds

Our goal is to bring dance to our fellow nerds who are eager to experience something new! In this workshop you’ll learn some basic moves in common Latin dances like salsa and bachata, with videogame remixed songs! By combining our love of dance and all things nerdy, we hope to introduce a new way to connect, not only to other people but to other cultures and ways of life!


Stephanie Metzger


Marvel Yoga

Experience a yoga practice fit for a superhero! This thematic yoga class will let your inner superhero shine through physical movements, meditation, and savasana! Class is perfect for new hero’s and the most serious of villain’s. No mat required and prepare to take shoes off.


Sean Fraser, Michell Fujiwara, Aine d’Alton, Gretchen Sprehe


Renaissance Dance

Learn dances from the renaissance period! All levels welcome. Dances will be taught. Music provided by Maug and Rose.


Sonya Gross, Steve Haug, Elena Stark


Real Life History that inspired Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin’s series, A Song of Ice and Fire and the HBO show Game of Thrones is filled with tons of references and callbacks to real-life historical events. From the houses Lannister and Stark, some seminal events of the book and show, to actual physical geography of the world, discover all the connections George R.R. Martin packed into his series from the real-life history of Britain and Europe. This presentation will be a look at the Game of Thrones saga from a historical perspective and show that sometimes real history is even crazier than fiction.


Michael Engelhardt, Andrew Harrison

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