Teen Wolf Pack Panel

This panel is celebrating the beloved show Teen Wolf(2011-2017) and will have an overview on the series, how it began and what changes it went through, ranking seasons from best to worst, talking about the characters, story lines, and missed opportunities, and some trivia.


Steven Castillo, Shanita McLean

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Writing a Series

How does one book become two, then three, then ten? There is an art to creating a fully fleshed out story contained within one book, but leaving more unanswered questions in a way that keeps your reader coming back for more. It’s more than just spreading out one story over multiple books, it’s about pacing, story flow, and when to drop the essential bombs which excite and delight readers. Join panelists J. Kelley Skovron, David Liss, Peter V. Brett and L. Penelope as we discuss writing a series.

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How Diversity Creates More Opportunity for All

The face of comics isn’t just changing, it’s expanding. There isn’t just one face of comics anymore; it’s now a diverse line up of different shapes, colors, creeds, etc. Join Comics Experience’s founder Andy Schmidt and fellow industry pros to learn how the diversification of comics creators and comics content go hand in hand, and the advantages to comics as a whole. Learn what kind of background and training/education new comics creators come from, and you’ll see why comics are changing and why it’s a good thing!

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Creating Terror through the Written Word

How do horror and thriller authors keep us on the edges of our seats? Why do they know what makes us worry? The what ifs are always taken to the extreme in exceptionally well written horror and thriller works. Join David Liss (Author, The Peculiarities) and Ellen Datlow (Editor and Anthologist, Body Shocks) as they dig in on what gives us a rush of adrenaline and long lasting nightmares.


David Liss

Ellen Datlow

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How to Build a Fantasy World

If you’re a fantasy writer, building a fully fleshed out world is the first step in making your creation real to the reader. Unless you can fully understand the world in which your characters live, you won’t be able to effectively write about their experiences. Join J. Kelley Skovron, Constance Sayers, L. Penelope, and Peter V. Brett as we dig in on the question, “How do I build an entire other world that seems real?”

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Coffee & Comics: Writing Masterclass 101

In the time it takes them to drink their morning coffee, professional writers Amy Chu (DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, Wonder Woman, Red Sonja) and Phillip K. Johnson (Superman, Alien, The Last God) takes you behind the scenes of their latest comics. We will walk you through the process of scriptwriting, from idea generation to the final lettering stage. Feel free to bring your own cuppa joe and be ready to take notes!


Amy Chu

Phillip Kennedy Johnson

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Geek Comedy Tour: Jedi, Elves, and Plumbers Oh My! (Star Wars, Renn Faires, video games all rolled into one) Edition

There will be geekery at this show. And enough obsession with assorted pop culture to kill a moose. Appearing for the first time at AwesomeCon, the Geek Comedy Tour will be combining its lust for nerdy stand up with its outright obsessions with just about every form of pop culture under the sun and making fun of it (and themselves) for 90 minutes. Come on out, laugh, high five those around you and remember: there’s a convention for just about all your current and future obsessions.


Chris Barylick, Joe Deeley, Emily Ruskowski, Jared Stern, Jelani Willis, and Joe Deeley

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Fanthropy: Changing the World Through Fandom

How can your fanatical interests make the world a better place? Numerous organizations are not only embracing their geek interests, they’re harnessing them as the motivation to make real, measurable positive change. From children’s health, to animal protection, to fighting homelessness and food scarcity, our fanatical passions teach us how heroes overcome and inspire us to strive for great things.


Keir Hansen, Brian Biggs, Christine Getman


Fandoms and People with Disabilities

Fans with disabilities make up a significant portion of geek fandoms and we deserve inclusion. Join disabled nerd Nico Meyering and his co-panelists as they explore fandom’s culture of representation and their own lives as geeks


Nico Meyering, Mikki Barry, Jae Doraan, Steve Williams


Power Rangers: Mighty Morphin and Beyond

Voices from the Grid’s Sasha, Ben, Brian, and Michael present, an incredible adventure through the nearly 30 years of Power Rangers. From Angel Grove to Turtle Cove, we bring the world of Power Rangers to new listeners and bring nostalgia to fans of all ages.


Michael Lindenbaum (moderator), Ben Taylor, Brian Massey, Sasha Kaplan

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Crafting Magical & Sci-Fi Worlds

From Middle-Earth to Bon Temps to Tattooine, every fictional world has its own rules, history and unique trademarks that make them feel as real as our own. In this panel, authors will share a behind-the-scenes look at how fictional worlds are developed, from epic fantasy to space opera to horror.


Lauren Blackwood, Timothy Johnson, Malka Older, Emily Thiede, E. J. Wenstrom, Fran Wilde

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From Fandom to Creation

Every creator starts out as a fan. Join our panelists as they discuss the books, films, and comics that first inspired them to begin their own creative journey and how their personal fandoms influence their work to this day. Our panelists will also share their latest fan obsession and how these projects are challenging them to continue to improve their craft.


Cerece Rennie Murphy, L. Penelope, David Liss, Sam Maggs

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Ask an Author

Interested in becoming an author? Curious what it takes to go the distance as a writer? Your burning and bookish questions will be answered during this Q&A session with a variety of established authors across various genres including politics, children’s fiction, fantasy, YA, science fiction, and thriller.

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Ask an Editor

What do editors do and what do they look for when acquiring a writer’s work? Get the inside scoop on what you can expect from an editor before they acquire your work and if they do, acquire it–from that point on in the process. Join Ellen Datlow, award-winning science fiction, fantasy, and horror editor and anthologist, during this Q&A session.


Ellen Datlow

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Blerds at Awesome Con! (18+)

Attention! Calling all Blerds (Black Nerds 🤓) Join your fellow Blerds (and anyone else –all are welcome!) to discuss what is going on in the world and how it affects Black programming. Topics to include but most definitely not limited to fandom, dating & relationships, cosplay, sexuality, and many more! No topic is off limits!


Margaret Horton-Gaskins

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The Fic List; or, Taking FanFic (Mostly) Seriously (18+)

In this (mostly) serious panel, two nerds talk about their podcast, The Fic List, where they espouse the many merits of fan-fiction – as a creative outlet, a means of self-expression and discovery, and a basis for community. We also just… really love fan-fiction and want to give it the credit it deserves for being something so many of us sincerely enjoy. So join us as we discuss favorite fics, top tropes, and the ways in which fanfic genuinely enriches our lives.


Erin Murphy, Alan Gonzalez Bisnes, Caitlin Toner

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Small Changes, Big Consequences: Alternate History

Alternate history is everywhere: Watchmen, The Man in the High Castle, even the endings of a couple of Tarantino films. What sorts of changes make good hinge moments for altered historical paths? What time periods and places have perhaps been overdone, and what others might be good for further exploration? How does the metaphor of alternate timelines affect the way we view the disorienting changes of the present and predicted changes of the future? Five authors of history-infused science fiction and fantasy will discuss how you can improve your own alternate histories (including your secret histories and time travel stories). They’ll also help you decide when to stop your research into the tangled timelines.


Carolyn Ives Gilman, Day Al-Mohamed, Alan Smale, Robert Waters, Tom Doyle

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Black Girl Magic: Black Girls DO Game!

Join us as we discuss how black girls navigate racism and sexism in the current state of being black and being a gamer. This is an open discussion for anyone who is interested in having a thoughtful and engaging conversation about how racism and sexism intersect for black girl gamers.


Margaret “MrsDrMurder” Horton-Gaskins

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Meet the 501st Legion

Come meet the 501st Legion and learn about “bad guys doing good”! The 501st Legion is an all-volunteer organization formed for the express purpose of bringing together costume enthusiasts under a collective identity within which to operate. The Legion seeks to promote interest in Star Wars through the building and wearing of quality costumes, and to facilitate the use of these costumes for Star Wars-related events as well as contributions to the local community through costumed charity and volunteer work.


Caela Mandigo, Bill Thomas, Charlie Mann, Warren Market, Jesse Pollock, Cheryl Thomas

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The Appeal of Magic

Everyone wishes they could wave a magic wand every now and then, and the popularity of magic as a theme in books is proof of that. The allure of having secret powers to make all your wishes come true is a universal concept that has spurred millions of books, comic books, movies, and TV shows. How is it that magic is such a pervasive theme in fiction? Join fantasy authors J. Kelley Skovron (Hope and Red), Constance Sayers (The Ladies of the Secret Circus), Cerece Rennie Murphy (The Wolf Queen Duology), and Peter V. Brett (The Demon Cycle Series) as we untangle the mysteries of magic in writing.

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