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Welcome to TopTrio3 group. Next phase in Interactive fun on the internet. Every episode our host go over a few amazingly chosen subjects and gives their honest biased opinion on the Top 3 answers. We ask that fans weigh in on their pics as well and they could possibly get their answers on the show. At the end of every episode we will be giving away a prize to a lucky fan. You have to reply to our show to be picked for the drawing. We are always looking for suggestion and comments on how to better the show. We hope to do a live podcast during the event and get fans involved. Give away some prizes and have a few debates.


Richard Smith

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How to Save Your Inner Wonder Woman

Using the self-help guide How to Save Your Inner Wonder Woman: A Guide for Caregivers and Allies of Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse Using Wonder Woman (2020), Kenneth Rogers, Jr. presents on the pitfalls of burnout and compassion fatigue on caregivers and allies. This presentation will center around DC comic’s Wonder Woman, explaining how many caregivers leave their own Paradise Island of safety and comfort in hopes of helping others overcome their past trauma. Wonder Woman’s identity as Truth Queen offers an excellent example for caregivers and allies to understand that if caregivers and allies of survivors of childhood sexual abuse do not learn to practice good trauma stewardship they will never learn to achieve balance and become the master of two worlds.


Kenneth Rogers Jr., Michael Gomez, James Atkinson


Mandalorian Mercs – A bounty of fun

The Mandalorian Mercenary Costume Club is a charity Star Wars costuming club rooted in educating and empowering individuals on crafting armor, and other costuming, while engaging the community and raising funds for various charities


Joshua Colucci, Kat Katan, Nicole Price, Joe Torres

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History of Comic Books & Social Commentary

From renowned DC attorney, Mark Zaid, this is an educational and humorous interactive visual arts presentation tracing the historical creation and development of comic books and their characters, and particularly how comics addressed social issues of the day (including such topics as war, sex, civil rights, women’s liberation, politics, censorship, violence, and terrorism).


Mark S. Zaid

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The Importance of Being an Ambassador for the Geeky World

As pop culture enthusiasts, we are passionate about the things we love. This sometimes causes issues with newcomers as they can feel excluded when those “experts” demand a certain level of commitment to a fandom or community. “At The Diner” hosts Mike Lunsford, James Rambo and guest Ulysses Campbell discuss the importance of being ambassadors to fandom and never “gatekeeping” anyone’s access or enjoyment of geekdom.


Michael Lunsford, James Rambo, and Ulysses E. Campbell


Rick-istentialism: Rick and Morty and Philosophy

The multiverse is a wild place, broh! Lotta worlds, crazy stuff happens for no reason, and there are an infinite number of versions of you out there – really makes you wonder about the meaning of existence. Deep stuff! This panel addresses the existential and absurdist underpinnings of “”Rick and Morty””, and the show’s lessons for living a full, meaningful life in a chaotic world, through the framework of Morty’s infamous quote: “Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody’s gonna die. Come watch TV.” The panel doesn’t require the audience to know anything about “”Rick and Morty”” or philosophy to follow along, and it will feature several clips from the show for everyone’s enjoyment!


Rory Hatfield

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DCOMs: Ratings of the 21st Century

The release of Disney+ had young and old alike flocking to TV and laptop screens to relive the nostalgia. This was even further cemented when Disney decided to upload all of their Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOM) since the 1990s. Join us as we dedicate a whole hour to (in our opinion) the best decade of DCOMs. We’ll talk about our faves, least faves, and possibly do a little sorting hat sorting of the best movies of the 2000s.


Jenae Williams, Jessica Rodgers, and Erin Copland

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How Covid-19 has changed TTRPG Player Habits

2020 has been a turning point for TTRPG players, in 2019, only 55% of tabletop roleplayers have played an online game. By October 2020, nearly 92% of players have experienced online play. What other impacts has the pandemic had on the tabletop gaming industry? Is it for the better or worse? Join a discussion with game researchers.


Joanna Liu, Monica Paprocki

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Being Comfortable Being A Geek By Loading Snacks

Are you comfortable being a geek? How can we help each other be more comfortable being who we are? This panel will open the discussion on the definition of “Geek” and how it has changed in recent years. We will discuss how our level of comfort with this and other labels has changed as more of obscure pastimes such as reading comic books/manga, playing video games and watching anime has bled over into the mainstream. This is a discussion. Let us share our stories and empower each other to be comfortable as we are!


Christopher Craig-Stewart, Brandon Dortch, London Fogg, Kevin Hinton


Breaking Into Comics and Staying In!

With the shifting landscape of the comics industry, this is your INVALUABLE guide to breaking into the comics industry. Join Comics Experience founder and former Marvel Comics and IDW Publishing Editor Andy Schmidt, along with industry veterans, for an in-depth discussion about workable strategies to launch your comics career!

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Battle of the Tropes

Science fiction and fantasy are full of tropes. Some we love, some we love to hate, and some we hate that we love, but they are inescapable in genre fiction all the same. On this panel, science fiction and fantasy authors will explore the use of tropes in the speculative genres—the good, the bad, and the problematic. This deep dive into the genres will celebrate and dissect its pieces, as well as how the authors put them to work in their own stories.


Lauren Blackwood, Nick DeWolf, Megan Lynch, Malka Older, Emily Thiede, E. J. Wenstrom

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Blerdcom: The Black Nerd Community

The spaces we generate for ourselves both at blerd cons, and at cons where blerds gather, feed the community and add a unique flavor to the geekspace at large!


Hilton George, Maurice Poder, Tiffron Cansius, Zoe Velasco


How to revitalize the Teen Titans brand

This panel is for those that love the Teen Titans brand and every hero revolving around it. This panel is for those that want to hear fresh new ideas and to see how many people are willing to watch a Teen Titans movie series.


Evan Davis

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Fanfiction 101

Ever considered writing fanfiction but didn’t know where to start? Then this panel may be for you! In this panel fanfiction writers will discuss various topics on the hobby, such as ideas for gathering inspiration, how to plot your story, the various publishing platforms available, and much more.


Larissa Zek, Priya Sinha, Blackstar Cosplay

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Cosplay Making – Setting Up Shop

Want to get started making stuff, but not sure where to start? Start here! We’ll cover the “Need to Have” tools for your maker space – as well as the “Nice to Haves”, the spendy “Luxury Tools” and the “Save your money for materials” stuff. We’ll talk organization, safety and improvising when you find you are missing one of those luxury tools…


Rebecca Roberts Ryan

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J-Horror 101

J-horror has everything: cursed video tapes, vengeful spirits, and crazed women wielding piano wire. But how do these tropes fit into the long tradition of folklore in Japan? What differentiates J-horror from Western horror? What are the J-horror must-sees? By the time you leave, maybe you’ll think twice before watching that unmarked VHS you find on the shelf…


Melissa Lazaro, Priscilla Pertica

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Visual Storytelling Basics for Comic Books

Join Andy Schmidt, former Marvel Comics and IDW Editor and founder of the world’s largest online comic book school, Comics Experience, along with industry veterans, for an impactful dive into the world of visual storytelling – getting behind what looks cool and into what drives your visual story and how to bring it to life on the comic book page! This is an invaluable resource for any comic artist, whether you’re new or an old pro!

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Two Guys Into Fridays – Live Podcast Recording

Two Guys Into Fridays is the World’s #1 Rated TGIF podcast. Join Travis and Stephen in a discussion of all of your favorite TGIF shows like Full House, Family Matters, Boy Meets World and Step By Step as they continue their journey of watching each week as it aired exactly 30 years later.


Stephen Brown, Travis Oliver

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Cosplay is limitless

Learn the power you have within. Join us and take a closer look into how cospositivity can help you use it as a platform for antibullying, children’s charity, to help you over come social anxiety and so much more. Cosplay not only allows us to look like our favorite superheroes, we can also become one. We can become one by promoting cospositivity. We stress and promote how important it is to cosplay from the heart whoever you want whenever you want; having acceptance to all shapes, sizes, colors, genders and skill level. Spreading how important it is to be kind to all cosplayers because they were brave enough to cosplay, put a lot of thought into it and do it out of the love for a fandom or character. We also discuss how to become heroes by incorporating charity with cosplay. We all care about something so let’s support each other, appreciate the craft, creativity and hard work that goes into cosplay but most of all let’s all have fun and do good while doing so.


Jamila Howard, Amy Seiden, Jeremiah Curtin

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Let’s Talk About the Odds

Never Tell Us the Odds is a YouTube channel where two friends engage the community and share their love of the multi-generational adventures of Star Wars. The hosts are a pair of third culture kids who had very different introductions to Star Wars — one is an original era kid and reformed action figure collector, the other a prequel era kid and LEGO aficionado. But whether in Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Nigeria, Mongolia, or even the US, they each used Star Wars to connect with friends and strangers alike. Their presentations touch on the old and new Expanded Universes, look at the ever evolving lore of Star Wars, prognosticate on what tales (or retcons) Lucasfilm has in store for us, and encourage people to share their own stories of connection brought about through a shared love of the galaxy far, far away.


Michael Allen Lake, Brendan Reibe

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Wiggin’ Out Cosplay & Everyday

In this brief class you will learn beginner steps to making wigs, hair pieces, facial hair and much more. By using different mediums such as hand sewing, glueing, and crocheting you’ll be able to create affordable, accurate and long lasting creations for your favorites cosplays.


Jazmine Gibbs

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FANtrepreneurship 101

Turn your pop-culture passion into action and launch your first fandom fueled entrepreneurship. From fan-art crafting to story-board drafting, from cosplay design to film location tour guide, anyone can become a fantrepreneur.

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