Kitty: A Gay Horror Musical Podcast

Come see the world premiere live performance of Kitty- a new musical horror podcast from the Averno Universe. Kitty was looking for a fresh start, and maybe a good pair of overalls. Cora was looking for trouble. This was never going to end well. When she arrives in Averno, VA, Kitty is quickly swept up in the drama and escapades of Cora Turner: heiress, daughter of the mayor, influencer, and possibly criminal. To Kitty, she is first love: starry nights and breathless kisses and holding hands on the way home. But as Cora’s web of lies and destruction tightens, Kitty finds herself caught, searching for a way to find the person she was before.


Alexa Chalnick, Morgan Smith

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Queerly Femtastic: Celebrating Queer Female Representation in Comics

Geeks OUT presents a sit down with queer & ally artists/creators to discuss the importance of queer female representation in comics. We’ll explore our panelists’ influences, what draws them to Strong Female Characters, and why intersectionality is paramount to the future of comics. Join Amy Chu, Sam Maggs, Amy Reeder, and John Jennison of Geeks OUT for this can’t-miss discussion.


Amy Chu

Sam Maggs

John Jennison

Amy Reeder

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Writing Asexuality

Asexuality is often known as the “invisible orientation,” not just because people are less aware of its existence but also because it is defined as the absence of certain feelings and behaviors. These things make representation both critically important and full of unique challenges. This interactive presentation will explore the ways a creator can portray asexuality and discuss potential pitfalls in its depiction.


Elizabeth Corrigan, Mary Fan

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Queer Horror

A discussion of the queer coding of villains/monsters in classic film/television, with a look at the evolution of queer representation in film. We could broaden this to look outside of the horror genre, with queer-coded Disney villains and the reclamation of this concept by modern gay culture (e.g., Montero by Lil Nas X).


Leandra Lynn and Kelly Hanson

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You Meet in a Gay Bar

Tabletop gaming provides a unique experience for queer people to explore their identities and tell the stories we wish we saw on the screen or read on a page. Together, we can bury our tropes and create the heroes, villains, anti-heroes, and NPCs we deserve.


Brett Nolan

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Queering your Mythologies: LGBT Fantasy Creation

Are you sick of cookie-cutter cis-het fantasy systems? Do you want to create joyfully queer mythologies of your own? In this workshop, the creator of the massive multiverse Averno will take you through the process of queering your fantasy systems step by step, from creating non-gendered languages and non patriarchal religions, all the way through interlocking storytelling design and creating compelling character arcs (that don’t involve coming-out trauma, burying your gays, or any of the other harmful stereotypes often present in LGBT media). We will also look at non-Eurocentric forms of fantasy worldbuilding, and how to widen the lens of our imagined landscape. By queering our fantasy systems, we open the door for more imaginative and expansive forms of storytelling that don’t rely on outdated narratives- it’s time to tell a new story!


Morgan Smith, Jamie Frazier, Alecsys Proctor-Turner, Alexa Chalnick, Janeen Garcia, Cayden Larrosa

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In a Perfect World

Readers often read to escape this world, so Dreampunk Press wants to provide worlds and stories worth escaping to, worlds where lgbt+ people thrive, where poc and women are fully realized, where disabled people are visible and integral. By imagining a world better than ours, we can understand its pitfalls; we can identify where and how to be better.


Morven Moeller, Tara Moeller

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Dan Parent talks Kevin Keller

Representation of LGBT+ characters in comic books was all but obsolete until recently. One of the most groundbreaking characters in comics history, Kevin Keller, made waves as the first openly gay character when he made his 2010 debut in Archie Comics. Created by Dan Parent, this iconic character has offered the queer representation so desperately needed in today’s mainstream comics. Join Dan Parent, the creator of Kevin Keller, for a conversation with moderator Ulysses Campbell about how this character’s impact has been felt far and wide within the LGBT+ community.


Dan Parent

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Rocky Horror Minute (18+)

A very special pop culture study by two lovable podcasting idiots who like to break down the Rocky Horror Picture Show in excruciating detail, one minute at a time.


Leandra Lynn and Kelly Hanson

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LGBTQIA+ Table Talk: This is Me Q&A and Geekdom

Join the round table discussion with host Shady Haze and LGBTQ+ creators as they discuss LGBTQ representation in pop culture and their coming out story, how the geek/comic world shaped who they are today and what pride means to them.


Shady Haze

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Pokémon Pride: Gender Expression & Queer Inclusion

An exploration and discussion of gender expression and LGBTQ+ inclusion within the established Pokémon canon and the positive impact this subtle but solid representation can have on viewers of all ages. There will also be a look at the company’s efforts to support its LGBTQ+ audience.


Cammy Quandary, Eric Verchot, Cory Dykstra, Katja Attenshun, Jayy Ruger, Colby Jamal Clay


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Bittersummer: A Fantasy Musical Concert

In this concert version of Bittersummer, the original cast will perform songs from the cast album- out June 4th with Broadway Records! The LGBT cast and characters of this show offer a colorful and heartfelt look at growing up- and witchcraft. In a world where being young and queer is too often staged only as struggle, BITTERSUMMER is a musical about joy. It is the story of four LGBTQIA friends, Quinn and Cam and Violet and Dahlia, and the home they make together in a clubhouse at the edge of the woods. It shows us their fashion shows and first kisses and secrets under wishing lanterns. It offers us those quiet truths of growing up that can only be found in precious unguarded moments surrounded by people who can see us and love as we are. When queer love is both exceptional and beautifully ordinary.


Morgan Smith, Emma Freeman, Richard Eyler, Jasmine Aurora Thomas, Rachael Chau, Janeen Garcia

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