Pin Bazaar Awesome Con brings pin trading to DC! Pin Bazaar is a marketing and sales program that offers exhibitors and artists the ability to produce collectible enamel pins that you can sell, give away, or use as a promotional item with purchase. Best of all, as a collectible, they’ll help drive sales to your booth!

All pins will have a unique Awesome Con backing card and are laser engraved with Awesome Con 2021 and a collector’s number. Rare pins will be available via show staff and daily meetups. It’s a great way to get your design in front of Awesome Con Attendees!

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Pin Bazaar pin and sign from Anime NYC 2019


  • Appear on the Pin Bazaar checklist, distributed throughout the convention
  • Get listed on the Pin Bazaar website, which will be heavily promoted through the program guide and via social media advertising
  • Receive a Pin Bazaar flag to alert attendees of your participation


Pin Bazaar Signups are first-come-first-served and will remain open until May 31st or when they all sell out. All artwork is due June 10th. Invoices are due within 7 days of signing up.

The pricing and minimums for your pins and marketing costs is below:

  • 100 – 249 Pins (Artist Alley Only): $3.20/pin
  • 250–999 Pins: $2.60/pin
  • 1000+ Pins: $2/pin

Add-ons: Glitter and/or Glow: $.25/pin, Hard Enamel (instead of Soft Enamel): $.40/pin, Laser engraved copyright (max 10 chars): $50

Ask us about other Anime and Comic Cons! Participate in 2 or more and get $25 off each.

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Q: How do I get my pins in order to participate in Pin Bazaar?
A: Pin Bazaar will distribute pins during Awesome Con setup. Please note that if you end up not attending Awesome Con for any reason, Andrew will coordinate with you on the mailing of your pins. In order to participate in the Pin Bazaar program, you must be an approved artist or exhibitor.

Q: What can I do with pins that I purchased for this program?
A: You can sell them (our MSRP is $9.99 but you can charge any price), give them away to attendees who participate in an event, or use them as a giveaway with purchase. There must be a way for attendees to acquire your pin while spending $20 or less at your booth.

Q: What if I have leftover pins after Awesome Con 2021?
A: Extra pins can be saved for future sales or giveaways. The Awesome Con collection will remain on our website after the event, as well.

Q: Are there any restrictions on designs for Pin Bazaar: Awesome Con 2021?
A: Yes – all designs must be either original or licensed. Absolutely no fan art is allowed. In addition, all designs must be appropriate for an all-ages audience. All designs are subject to Awesome Con’s approval.

Q: Do you have any suggestions on our design?
A: Yes – we have found that the best selling designs tend to be ones featuring cool, cute or exciting characters and dynamic designs. Just producing your logo as a pin is okay but won’t sell as well as other designs.

Q: Can you help me with the artwork?
A: Yes – we will help format your design correctly as a pin, free of charge.

Q: Can I see some pins from other shows?
A: All previous Pin Bazaar pins can be viewed on our website:

Q: I have some other question not asked here.
A: Please contact