Hello, I am Laura from Number 12 Creations!

As excited as I am for a winter Awesome Con, I am thrilled about this online convention! I have been doing Awesome Con since the very beginning, and each year is more exciting than the last. I cherish the interactions with fellow fans as we bounce up and down together over different guests, or when they notice something on my table that I made for their favorite fandom.

I love to make tiny things out of clay, as well as curate unique charm bracelets that represent fandom favorites, no matter how obscure! From Veronica Mars to Stranger Things, I have a large selection of charm bracelets (or charm necklaces!) for you to subtly show your love for your favorite show, movie, book, or whatever!

This is new and exciting territory, and to celebrate I added some new things to my Etsy, like fandom resin pendants, Knives Out inspired earrings, and more Broadway-inspired things.  I happily take commissions, so feel free to reach out and we can work together to make you something nerdy!