The Hero Bundle

Life is filled with heroes, but never more than during a time of crisis. We at LeftField Media wanted to do something special as a thank you to everyone who has, and continues to work hard to keep us safe. This includes everyone from doctors and nurses to grocery clerks and delivery people. To the sewers making face masks and the artists providing content to educate children. To the teachers, neighbors, and friends helping everyone stay positive in this unprecedented time. Whoever your Hero might be, nominate them for the Awesome Con Hero Bundle.


Anyone! If there’s someone you feel deserves recognition for making any part of this pandemic better, be it a doctor, policeman, neighbor, or friend, we want to hear about it.

Your nominee should be someone you know and can contact via email and it should be someone who is able to attend Awesome Con 2020 this December to pick up their Hero Bundle at registration.

Exclusive Hero Pin


Your nominee could be selected to receive the Awesome Con Hero Bundle! The bundle will include lots of fun, special surprise items including an exclusive Awesome Bot Hero pin!


  1. Send an email to with the Subject Line: My Hero Nomination
  2. Within the email, please include:
    1. Your name
    2. Your hero’s name
    3. A photograph of your hero (Unless this is absolutely impossible)
    4. Approximately 100 words detailing who your hero is, how they helped, and why you think they deserve a Hero Bundle
    5. [Optional but highly encouraged] A video of yourself (under 1 minute, please) giving your nomination

To nominate, you must be 16+, a US resident, and meet all previously listed criteria. We will accept 1 entry per person, so choose carefully! (Please keep in mind, unless explicitly stated in your email, anything you share could be posted on the Awesome Con social media accounts.)

Hero Bundle recipients will be selected from Wednesday, May 6th to Wednesday, May 20th. Nominators will be notified no later than Friday, May 22, 2020 if their nominee was selected. Hero Bundle recipients must collect their bundle from registration at Awesome Con 2020 on December 11th-13th. Bundles will not be mailed.