Our Games


Mixtape Massacre is a tabletop board game where up to 6 players play as slasher archetypes and compete in a fictional 1986 killing spree to be remembered. With tons of jokes and references to 1980’s pop-culture and horror tropes – Mixtape Massacre will have you laughing while you’re slashing!

We also have our brand new stand-alone horror game, Mixtape Massacre: Escape from Tall Oaks is a meta-cooperative game where 2 to 6 players attempt to escape the maddening streets of Tall Oaks by fighting off slashers, rescuing residents, and safeguarding the town in hopes of getting the hell outta town…or die trying. Though working together at times, in the end only one survivor will escape.

We also offer expansion, booster packs, and some pretty cool limited merch. Be sure to check us out at our website: https://mixtapemassacre.com

The Team

Bright Light Media is an award winning creative agency founded in 2011 by Freddie Carlini and Matt Corrado. Bright Light has worked with several iconic brands and businesses before Kickstarting their own product in 2015 with the launch of Mixtape Massacre.
As avid horror film fanatics, art junkies, hardcore gamers and last but not least, 80’s kids, Bright Light continues to grow the Mixtape Massacre brand and develop new products and ideas.