Hi there – I’m Lee, and I’ve been making magic wands for several years now out of my studio in the Columbia, Maryland area. Originally, I got into this because my daughter wanted a certain young wizard-oriented party, and I tend to go overboard on some things…and every kid that came to the party wound up with a handmade wand that they selected – and tested, to make sure it was one that matched them, of course – out of a different type of wood, learning (and demonstrating) destruction spells, door lock/unlocking spells, even setting things on fire!

Lots of folks make wands, and we all have a different take. I tend to use just the natural pieces of wood – I don’t use magnets, or LEDs, or glitter, or RFID chips, there’s no stain or paint – I turn them on a lathe and put a protective coating on them. I’m one of these people that thinks the natural product looks and feels right all by itself – it’s rare when I add something to a wand.

Because they’re all handmade, each one is different and unique. I try to incorporate different parts of the tree – there may be color differences because the wood was taken from a specific part of the tree, or there may be places where a branch was about to form, there may be wood patterns – you name it, and it’s there in the wood already. I don’t have to add anything!

There is a group of wands that I electrify, using power to burn tree-like patterns into the wands – Warrior Wands.  You’ll see them when you visit my website, at www.mackdaddymagicwands.com; there’s a photo gallery of wands there, and see if you see something that might call to you! There’s a Facebook page where I announce events and have occasional giveaways at https://www.facebook.com/MackDaddyMagicWands – like my work and you’ll get the updates as well.

Thanks for reading and learning about me and my wands!