Little Petal creates geek chic convertible dresses custom made to your measurements with pockets. All dresses can be styled 40+ ways, with tutorials on the website taught by customers with varying body shapes- and more constantly appearing on the @littlepetal IGTV. All dresses are priced based on design- never on size, and are pajama soft. They can be worn to conventions, weddings, work, at home while social distancing, or anywhere in between depending on how you style them. Dresses can have a reversible detachable hood added, the floor-length skirts convert to knee-length or high-low, you can layer a long/ short sleeve shirt under them for more coverage, and you will always be the most comfortable person in any room, with your sneaky geeky non-committal cosplay.

During #AwesomeConOnline – all dresses come with free shipping (support USPS yay!) and you can order any character from any fandom even if it is not already on my website. This is something normally reserved only for my Ko-Fi subscribers. Split payments of either 3 or 6 months are also available (because honestly, the economy sucks even not during a pandemic). If you sign up as a monthly subscriber to the Ko-Fi this weekend, you will receive an exclusive Little Petal pattern headband as a thank you.

This one woman shop is run by the social justice Hufflepuff, Danielle Reichman. I thrive to create a community of body positivity and LGBTQIA+ inclusiveness with The Little Petal Alliance, increase mental health awareness with my podcast, Fandom and Wellness, and raise funds for non-profits through dress sales/ giveaways. Buying a Little Petal dress is not just owning a pretty garment- it’s becoming part of an entire community of the most caring people….. who also love pockets.






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