Who is K.S. Brenowitz?

Hi! I’m a writer and artist originally from New York who ended up keeping going south (even while heat and humidity don’t play nice with me) till I ended up here in DC.  It’s been a bit of a joke that I’m like if someone dropped an Edwardian into Woodstock and they decided they liked the vibe there 😀

What sort of work do you do?

I write and draw my own comics – specializing in sci-fi, horror, and just plain weird – along with  working in pen and in, watercolor, and collage.

For my comics, I love telling stories that let me play in other worlds for a while – a robot and an alien teaming up to do electrical repairs, a digital lifeform traveling though a computer system like traversing a care system, or what if the DC Metro lines had personalities and anthropomorphic forms? Adding in my enjoyment of pen and ink, and digital collage, and you have comics with both a unique story and look.

For collage, I tend to build entirely out of the kind of stuff people usually throw away – bottlecaps, gum wrappers, candy foil – to make shining icons of a religion founded by robots, or just play with being abstract after rendering an environment in my usual ink style. Take a look on my instagram to see WIP shots of those coming together, they’re a trip!

That sounds neat! Where can I gaze upon your work?