Project Description

Golden Fleece Press

We’re the ones with the glittery golden sheep on our table. A small press based out of Virginia that loves stories and storytelling. We offer everything: fiction, non-fiction, children’s, adult and everything in between.

Need a new read that you won’t find anywhere else? Try one of our books.

We have BioPunk: Codes

to Monster Hunters: The Guardian’s Circle Series

to Twilight Zone: Cherry Blossom Express

to talking goats: Scapegoats.

Come take a look and find something with a unique voice.

Need kids books?

Abby the Labby teaches kids about puppies with gorgeous visuals.

And Rummy and the Trogolores is an adventure for starting readers.

And we can’t forget the Thomas the Watchcat series which is a rewrite of Edgar Allen Poe stories for the 1st-2nd grade readers. (But we love them as adults too.)