Project Description

Dungeon Craft terrain pieces

As seen on Critical Role! Dungeon craft is a loose-leaf book inside a custom box. The pages are a thick 12pt cardstock with a laminate coating to make the pages water-resistant and dry/wet-erase. The book contains 1000 reversible terrain pieces that you can cut out and place on any battle map with a one-inch grid. Dungeon Craft: Vol 1 has what you need to design your world. Inside each book, you will find hundreds of terrain pieces and some creatures for good measure. Each of them is reversible, and wet/dry erase compatible. With amazing full-color art, you will have everything you need to create endless encounters for dungeons, wilderness, and towns. Dungeons brimming with secrets, monsters, and treasure. Hallways and trap-laden corridors. Ready-made rooms with challenges for all players. Pieces you can use to transform a room, stairs leading to hidden doorways, pillars for concealment. Limitless possibilities for your gaming encounters!