Project Description

Dave Draws Pretty Good: Serious Art by David Helfrey

Thanks for checking out my work! I’m an independent digital artist with an illustrative style that’s heavily influenced by my background in graphic design and cartooning. I’ve also been a raging pop culture addict longer than most of you have been alive, which is why my subject matter obsessively pulls from superhero comics, anime, kaiju, tokusatsu, horror/sci-fi/fantasy movies and lowbrow art. All of my prints are made with archival inks on acid free paper, so you’re not paying for any cheap Kinko’s crap here. I’ll also be posting a lot of new work between now and March, so please check back if you like what you see. And I do consider requests so if there’s something you’d like to see in my style, shoot me an email through my Etsy Shop and inspire me. And be sure to like my Etsy shop and follow me on Instagram for new work and discounts I announce in my stories. Thanks!