Project Description

Bubble Tea Penguin

Do you like horror movies, boba, penguins, the color pink, and memes? Stop by Bubble Tea Penguin to get some cool keychains, stickers, prints and more. Most of the art here is based around the pink aesthetic, memes, drinks, and horror movies. The main color theme of my art and products is all pink and girly but anyone can love enjoy this!

Want to give your friend something that will make them laugh? Gift them any of my dumb b*tch juice sticker designs. We have five different designs relating to dumb b*tch juice! Perhaps your friend is more of a simp? Gift them a clear simp juice sticker to show your appreciation for them. Bubble Tea Penguin sells matte stickers, glitter stickers, and clear stickers. Matte/regular stickers are $2.00 each, clear stickers are $3.00 each, and glitter/holographic stickers are $3.50 each. Bubble Tea Penguin offers sticker deals in case you want to order a lot of them. For our matte/regular stickers you can buy 3 stickers for $5. For clear stickers you can buy 2 stickers for $5. And lastly for the glitter/holographic stickers, you can buy 2 for $6.

Are you more into horror content? You will like the Deceased By Dawn horror collection. See a variety of glitter stickers, prints, washi tapes, and apparel! The best seller in my glitter stickers, prints, and apparel is my Phantom Face design. He’s a real charm and if he’s your favorite, consider checking out all the products I have of him! Right now, Bubble Tea Penguin offers shirts and sweatshirts featuring some horror characters.

If you prefer washi tapes, Bubble Tea Penguin has eight total designs; four regular and four glow-in-the-dark decorative tapes. Regular washi tapes are $6 while the glow-in-the-dark designs are $9

Right now until the end of December, all charms and sticker sheets are 25-50% off.

All my acrylic charms in my shop are currently 25-50% off the original price. Normally 3 in charms are $12 but until December 31st, all charms are either $9 or $6. The smaller 2in penguin charms are now only $2.50 each. Get them now because once these designs are sold out, they are gone forever. Sticker sheets are now $3.00 and like the charms, once they are gone they are gone.

We hope you enjoyed the designs and products available on the shop! Follow Bubble Tea Penguin on instagram and twitter for shop updates and general art.