At Awesome Con, we love gaming in all its forms. From pinball and arcade cabinets to handhelds and PC games to classic or new console games. But tabletop/roleplaying games like Settlers of Catan, Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, and more are also out jam!

If you’re a lover of all things gaming too, you’re in the right place!



As usual, Awesome Con will have a large dedicated Video Gaming area for fans to come and free play their favorites. Want to challenge your con buddies to a Super Smash Brothers tournament on N64, Gamecube, Wii, or Nintendo Switch? Are you the master of Mario Kart on N64, or Wii? Care to show us your moves on Street Fighter for SNES, PS2, PS3, or Dreamcast? Get ready, because it’s game on.





It’s time to show your Smash prowess at one of the biggest Con events around! Next Level Gaming will run 4 switches simultaneously and compete in 64-person tournaments. The winner of each tournament receives bragging rights, fame, and fortune… cash prize.

Tournament Entry: $8
Payouts (for 64 competitors)

  • First place: $50
  • Second place: $15
  • Third place: $8

*Competitors may enter as many times as they like, but can only win first place awards up to 3 times per day*

Click here to register at EventBrite!

Compete against other in person players! Next Level Gaming will run 24 player private games with only Awesome Con tournament entrants invited. Bring yourself or your squad, visit Rebirth Island, and try to win some cash!

Competitive Tournament Entry: $15/game
Payout (for 24 competitors)

  • First place: $100
  • Second place: $45
  • Third place: $15

Casual Tournament Entry: $8/game

Payout (for 24 competitors)

First place: $30

Click here to register at EventBrite!


    • Video Games MeetupRoom 149B – Cosplay Meetups | Make a friend and chat about your favorite fandom! Join your fellow fans and creative cosplayers for a Cosplay Meetup. Take a selfie with a matching fan, make new friends, and debate those longstanding debates with other obsessed attendees. Cosplay is encouraged, but not required. Come on out and meetup! Please note that our meetups are an accepting and inclusive space for everyone.
    • Geek Comedy Tour: Video Game Special EditionRoom 150AB | There will be geekery at this show. And enough obsession with video games to kill a moose. Appearing for the first time at AwesomeCon, the Geek Comedy Tour will be combining its lust for nerdy stand up with its outright obsessions with video games, gaming culture, and everything good, great, and terrible with the video game industry and making fun of it (and themselves) for 90 minutes. Experience points shall be awarded at the end, levels shall be gained, psyches shall be shattered, and there shall be bonus lives for all.
    • From Hotdogs to Smash Bros: Unique Jobs in GamingRoom 144C | For the past 10 years, I’ve worked in promotional marketing for various video game brands. From roadshows to PAX to the Super Smash Bros Ultimate release in Tyson’s Corner. What kind of background got me into this line of work? Simple… I started out selling hotdogs. Crazy right! You would be amazed by how many skills could snag you a job in the gaming industry, no coding or design necessary! In this panel workshop, we will discuss some of the unconventional careers in video games and other fandoms and the tools you will need to get your foot in the door.
    • The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim!Room 146AB | Whether you played it on XBOX, PlayStation, PC, or Alexa (Yes, really!) SKYRIM has consumed the imagination and playable hours of gamers for almost a decade! Join voice actors Wes Johnson (Sheogorath, Hermaeus Mora, Lucien Lachance, Emperor Titus Mede II) and Craig Sechler (The Adoring Fan, Hircine, Haknir Death-Brand, Peryite) and surprise SKYRIM related guests as they give out fun prizes and discuss the plans for Bethesda Game Studio’s Big 10 Year SKYRIM Anniversary Celebration!
    • Geek Comedy Tour: Jedi, Elves, and Plumbers, Oh My! (Star Wars, Renn Faires, Video Games, All Rolled Into One) EditionRoom 143AB | There will be geekery at this show. And enough obsession with assorted pop culture to kill a moose. Appearing for the first time at AwesomeCon, the Geek Comedy Tour will be combining its lust for nerdy stand up with its outright obsessions with just about every form of pop culture under the sun and making fun of it (and themselves) for 90 minutes. Come on out, laugh, high-five those around you, and remember: there’s a convention for just about all your current and future obsessions.
    • Voice-a-paloozaMain Stage | Voice actors behaving badly! Join professional voice actors as they reinterpret movie scripts, poetry, songs, and more in their character voices, and read the craziest phrases that YOU provide in their character voices. Hosted by Wes Johnson (The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Phineas & Ferb), get ready to hear your favorite voice actors as you’ve never heard them before. Joining him will be Jan Johns (Fallout 4, The Loud House, Fortnite, Hearthstone), Mike Rosson (Fallout 3 & 4, Star Trek: Legacy, Star Trek: Conquest), and Shari Elliker (The Elder Scrolls, Fallout 3). This is a can’t-miss panel that is guaranteed to be hilarious and full of classic cartoon and video game-infused moments!
    • Establishing Shots!: Dynamic Background DesignRoom 144C | This is a panel presentation on how backgrounds and layouts can affect storytelling possibilities for animation, comics, and gaming.



Tabletop gaming is happening all weekend in Room 140AB thanks to our partner Foam Brain Games!


Friday – 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Saturday – 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday – 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM



    • How COVID-19 Has Changed TTRPG Player HabitsRoom 103 | 2020 has been a turning point for TTRPG players, in 2019, only 55% of tabletop roleplayers have played an online game. By October 2020, nearly 92% of players have experienced online play. What other impacts has the pandemic had on the tabletop gaming industry? Is it for the better or worse? Join a discussion with game researchers.
    • Dugongs & Seadragons – 5:45 pm – 6:45 pm | Room 144AB – Science Fair | The time of heroes was over. It was a time for … not-quite-so-heroes! Join the cast of the Dugongs & Seadragons podcast for a live recording. Dugongs and Seadragons features an international collection of nerdy marine biologists playing Dungeons and Dragons while talking about marine science. The podcast has the unique honor of having been both a top 10 natural science AND gaming podcast in the US.T
    • Obsidian Brews: A TTRPGRoom 150AB | Obsidian Brews is a deep dive into the world of Fantasy Table Top Role Playing Games, the various types of games within the genre, and the limitless potential for Black players to build and create their own characters and worlds, creating spaces for expression and representation. Join us as we go over the ever-evolving rules and elements, the concept of homebrew gaming, and the future of Table Top in a post-pandemic world.