Fishhawk & Rocket is the 2-person team of artist Johnny Rocket Ibanez and writer J.N. Fishhawk. After 6 years of preparation, in January of 2020 we launched a series of illustrated kids’ books with a surrealistic fantasy theme. The books are set in a shared world we are collaboratively creating.

Every book in this series will be a hybrid of more conventional formats including chapter books, picture books, and comic/sequential art books. We are excited to promote the first book in our “World of Whim Sea” series, Billy & Tugboat SallyForth, at AwesomeCon 2020.

We will be selling copies of the book, sea shanty zines, prints, original fine art pieces, cards, and stickers. Johnny will also be offering portraits drawn in the style of the illustrations for the book—hit him up for your Whim Sea style portrait today!

J.N. Fishhawk is a Gainesville, Florida based poet and freelance writer whose work has appeared in numerous print and online publications. Fishhawk is the author of two chapbooks of poetry and Postcards from the Darklands, a book of ekphrastic poems accompanying artwork by Gainesville artist Jorge Ibanez. He is also poetry editor for the Writers Alliance of Gainesville’s international journal, Bacopa Literary Review. In January, 2020 he debuted the first-in-a-series children’s book Billy & Tugboat SallyForth with his co-creator, artist Johnny Rocket Ibanez. Find him online at and

Johnny Rocket Ibanez is a poet and artist currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Ibanez, who was born and grew up in Gainesville, FL, is a co-founder of Gainesville-based Dancing Ghost Productions, which has published numerous poetry and fine art books by Gainesville artists. His most recent book of poems is the 10-year compendium The Aerodynamics of Solitude. Ibanez makes his living as a graphic designer, illustrator, and web developer. He is the co-creator, along with poet and author J.N. Fishhawk, of Billy & Tugboat SallyForth, a first-in-a-series illustrated children’s book set in a world based on his original artwork. You can find him at and

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