Awesome Con is Washington DC’s Comic Con! Awesome Con is a celebration of geek culture, bringing over 70,000 fans together with their favorite stars from across comics, movies, television, toys, games, and more! And just like DC, we’re smart, family-friendly, and inclusive – as Awesome Con is home to:
  • The Science Fair, an area of Awesome Con exploring where science and science fiction meet!
  • The Book Fair, an area of Awesome Con dedicated to authors and book dragons alike!
  • Awesome Con Jr, an all-ages destination for the next generation of fans
  • Pride Alley, a celebration of queer creators and fans curated by GeeksOUT
We are following all CDC and local venue guidelines to promote a safe experience for all who attend.

June 3 – 5, 2022

Exhibit Hall, Artists Alley, and Autographing:
Friday, August 20th 1:00pm to 8:00pm
Saturday, August 21st 10:00am to 7:00pm
Sunday, August 22nd 10:00am to 5:00pm

Panels, Screenings, Gaming, and Special Events:
Friday, August 20th 1:00pm to 10:00pm
Saturday, August 21st 10:00am to 10:00pm
Sunday, August 22nd 10:00am to 5:00pm

Awesome Con was founded by Ben Penrod in 2013. It is currently part of the LeftField Media family and is currently run by the teams behind Anime NYC and Rose City Comic Con.

Tickets to Awesome Con will go on sale this winter. Stay tuned for updates!

If you have a problem with your tickets, please contact

Sorry, passes are only for one person. If you have a friend or another family member who also wants the perks of the Premium pass, they will need to purchase one as well.

Kids ages 3-10 need a ticket to attend Awesome Con. The Kids pass is good for children aged 3 to 10 years old, and it is valid for all three days at Awesome Con. Ages 1-2 are not required to have a ticket.

Awesome Con Jr. is the place on the exhibit floor for families and kids within Awesome Con.

That is up to you to decide. In general, if you would allow your child to go to the mall or an amusement park without adult supervision, they are probably ok to be at Awesome Con on their own. This is up to you, as children at these ages have a wide range in maturity.

Please understand that unattended minors will be subject to the same rules as adults if they break any of our policies or any laws while at the con.

Infants and young children MUST be supervised at all times, and Awesome Con does not currently offer any babysitting services. Here’s some info from the DC government on this topic:

Club Awesome is by far the awesomest way to experience the con. Club Awesome and Club Awesome Reserve memberships entitle you to tons of amazing perks! You can read all about them here!

Children 10 and under can wait in line with you at Premium events; however, they will not receive other Premium benefits such as photo ops and autographs.

Yes! Badges purchased prior to the TBD Mailing Deadline will be mailed. BADGES WILL NOT BE MAILED IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOUR ORDER.

If you have a problem with your tickets, please contact

If you did not choose to receive your badge by mail (or if it was Returned to Sender) you can pick it up at the show! Simply bring your confirmation to onsite Registration (either printed or on your phone) and they will scan your QR code.

Yes, you can totally upgrade your pass! Here’s how:

  • Go to
  • Click on the words “Sign In“ at the top
  • Click on “My Tickets”
  • Click on “Click here to sign up”
  • Create a new account using the same email address you used to purchase your tickets
  • Verify your email address and sign in to your account
  • Click on your name in the top right
  • Select “My Orders”

From there you will see the option to Upgrade, Swap (downgrade), or edit your personal information.

Information on press registration can be found on our press page.

We have medical wristbands available for those with disabilities that allows entrance to sessions first, assuming the line has not already been capped due to capacity. You may pick up your medical wristband at any information booth at the show. Medical wristbands must be picked up at the show. They are not mailed.

If you need ASL interpretation, please fill out our request form (coming soon!). On-site requests may not be able to be accommodated.

For more information, see our accessibility page.

Special guests are being announced regularly! For more info, check out the guest page.

Most guests appear for all three days, but we also list the specific days they will be attending on our guest page.

We will post an autograph schedule closer to the con. Schedules sometimes change, so make sure to check the schedule at the booth beforehand if possible. Celebrity guests will have headshots they will be signing (included in the price of the autograph). The signing of personal items is at the guests’ discretion and may require an additional charge at their booth. You can get more than one autograph but the guest will charge per autograph. You can get more than one autograph but they charge per autograph. Some guests may require picking up tickets in advance, however, for others, you do not need to purchase tickets for autographs – just get in line!

Typically, yes, but not always. You would need to ask each guest individually.

Professional photo ops are offered for a fee with most of our celebrity guests. You will receive a printed photo taken by a professional under professional lighting and in front of a backdrop. Yes, this is super fun.

For more info on photo ops, see our policies page.

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It is up to each guest. Sometimes we will know in advance for some guests, but your best bet is always to ask.

Once they go on sale, you can check out autographs and photo ops pricing as well as pre-purchase via the Epic Photo Ops website. If the celebrity or item you’re looking for is not listed, they may be selling onsite only.

You sure can! Check out our Artist Alley and Exhibitor space options here!

We’re always looking for new, interesting, and fun programming! Fill out an application here!

There is complimentary wifi in the “Convention Center Connect” Lounges located in the Grand Lobby, Concourse A, Concourse B, Metro Entrance, L Street Entrance near rooms 156 and 140, across from 143C, Uptown Cafe and Downtown Cafe, and 2nd and 3rd floor Wing seating areas.

We offer special discounts on hotels in the DC area. They will sell out, so we recommend booking as soon as they become available! Please click here to see what’s available!

Absolutely. You can read all about our harassment policy here.

Costumes and cosplay are totally welcome at Awesome Con! We love our cosplayers and love to see your creativity. However, we do have some policies you should be aware of if you’re cosplaying for the convention. You can read our policy in full here!