Awesome Con may be a pop culture con, but we’re a comic con down to our roots!

Comic and graphic novel lovers need look no further to meet some of their favorite creators, shop for the coolest books and art, or catch amazing programming on a variety of related topics.


This year Awesome Con is welcoming a variety of comic artists, writers, and creator guests such as Amy Chu, Tom King, Mitch Gerads, Tracie Ching, Steve Orlando, and more!

Our guests have worked with notable publishers such as Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, IDW, Oni Press, Archie Comics, and BOOM! You can view our entire 2021 guest list HERE.


A01 Jeremy Clark B01 Alitha Martinez E15 Dan Parent
A02 Steve Orlando B07 Chuck Brown E20 Tom King
A03 Clay McLeod Chapman B08 Arsia Rozegar E22 Clay Mann
A04 Alyssa Wong B09 Ken Hunt F07 Chrissie Zullo
A05 Phillip Kennedy Johnson C01 Amy Chu F08 Amy Reeder
A07 Tracie Ching C02 Thomas Zahler F12 Pop Mhan
A08 Michael Golden C03 Emily Whitten F20 Mitch Gerads
A11 Renee Witterstaetter D01 Ron Marz F21 Sam Maggs
A12 Tom Cook D02 Gavin Guidry



  • Tales From the Indie World | Room 150AB | Emily S. Whitten (The Underfoot), Thom Zahler (Love & Capes, Warning Label, Cupid’s Arrows), Chuck Brown (Bitter Root, On the Stump, Trench Coats, Cigarettes and Shotguns), and Amy Chu (Sea Sirens, Wonder Woman, Girls Night Out) will discuss their experiences and answer your questions.


  • Dan Parent talks Kevin Keller Room 102AB | Join us as we discuss the current state of these industries, good, bad, and the ugly, and what the future holds with your special guests.
  • Queerly Femtastic: Celebrating Queer Female Representation in Comics – 2:45 pm – 3:45 pm | Room 102AB | We’ll explore our panelists’ influences, what draws them to Strong Female Characters, and why intersectionality is paramount to the future of comics. Join Amy Chu, Sam Maggs, Amy Reeder, and John Jennison of Geeks OUT for this can’t-miss discussion.
  • In Conversation With Tom King and Mitch Gerads | Room 150AB | Ahead of the massive conclusion to the Eisner-nominated series Strange Adventures, find out from Tom King and Mitch Gerads how they pulled the comic together, along with Doc, in a way that tells one unified story.
  • Meet Marvel’s Extreme Carnage Team | Room 150AB | The Extreme Carnage team will discuss everything you want to know about the five Life Symbiotes and their great challenge yet, courtesy of their big bad older brother: Carnage. Chat with Clay McLeod Chapman, Alyssa Wong, Steve Orlando, Phillip Kennedy Johnson about this explosive family reunion.


  • Coffee & Comics: Writing Masterclass 101Room 143AB | In the time it takes them to drink their morning coffee, professional writers Amy Chu (DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, Wonder Woman, Red Sonja) and Phillip K. Johnson (Superman, Alien, The Last God) takes you behind the scenes of their latest comics. We will walk you through the process of scriptwriting, from idea generation to the final lettering stage.
  • Black Female Superheroes: Blaxploitation to Obama | Room 150AB | Often under-represented and under-appreciated, Black Superheroines like Storm, Monica Rambeau, and Nubia have been kicking tail and saving lives with the best of them. Let the SyFy Sistas introduce you to 10 Superheroines that you never knew you needed in your life.
  • Writing A Series | Room 143AB | Join panelists J. Kelley Skovron, David Liss, Peter V. Brett, Sam Maggs, L. Penelope, and moderator Harrison Demchick as we discuss writing a series.

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  • Visual Storytelling Basics for Comic Books Room 103 | Join Andy Schmidt, former Marvel Comics and IDW Editor and founder of the world’s largest online comic book school, Comics Experience, along with industry veterans, for an impactful dive into the world of visual storytelling – getting behind what looks cool and into what drives your visual story and how to bring it to life on the comic book page!
  • Who is Worthy of Lifting Mjolnir | Room 146AB | Captain America. Vision. They are both worthy of lifting Mjolnir. But who outside of the Marvel Universe is capable of picking up Thor’s hammer?


  • Marvelous | Room 144C | This panel we talk everything Marvel/MCU. From the Netflix shows, the movies, the Disney plus shows, future projects, ranking movies/characters, and overall celebrate the love we all have for Marvel!
  • Breaking Into Comics and Staying In! | Room 103 | Join Comics Experience founder and former Marvel Comics and IDW Publishing Editor Andy Schmidt, along with industry veterans, for an in-depth discussion about workable strategies to launch your comics career!
  • Evil Queens: Queerness In Superhero ComicsRoom 102AB | Together, we’ll explore how DC and Marvel went from vilifying queerness to publishing Pride anthologies and how much progress still needs to be made.


  • History of Comic Books & Social Commentary Room 103 | From renowned DC attorney, Mark Zaid, this is an educational and humorous interactive visual arts presentation tracing the historical creation and development of comic books and their characters, and particularly how comics addressed social issues of the day.
  • Comics in the Classroom | Room 144C | Join us as we explore just how crucial comics and graphic novels are to include in a class curriculum!