I am an abstract and surreal artist who works mostly in black and white with pens and pencils.  I love to create images with lots of movement and flow.  My subjects include angelic creatures, earthen elements, and celestial objects.  My creation is driven by my subconscious thoughts to express emotional moments or fights against unseen forces that viewers can relate to or identify with, not dictating what others should feel but only that they can and they’re not alone.  Most of my creations start out as brief sketches of an idea.  The images evolve as each pen or pencil mark is laid.  I never know what will happen in the areas not originally planned in the concept sketches. I let the emerging image guide the next mark.

I am local to the DC area.  Even though I have been drawing since I was a child, I only started making my art public and selling my artwork in the last 3 years.  I have always loved comic books.  My favorite character is Storm from X-Men.  Storm embodies all the natural elements that I like to envision in my creation, from stormy dark clouds to raging waves to blowing wind.

I work mostly in traditional media.  Recently I have been dabbling in animation, adding movement to the still images.  Traditional animation is something I’ve always want to try.  Go to my Patreon to see some of my work come alive.  Give me a follow, subscribe, or like, in any of my social media from Patreon to Instagram to YouTube, so I can continue to bring these artworks alive for all to enjoy.

I’m working on a new project that I will unveil via social media and will feature at my booth in December during the rescheduled Awesome Con.  Follow me on Instagram or Facebook for updates.

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/chaotic_abstraction

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Twitter: @chaoticmotion

Blog: http://journeyintoadream.blogspot.com

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