We are so excited to see the world of artists and creators coming together to make amazing things for families at home. And thanks to a handful of well-known celebs and online resources, you can now hear Olaf read you a bedtime story, listen to a reading of Weird Al’s very own children’s book by Weird Al himself, and watch Samwise Gamegee regale you with a tale from the shire (or more specifically, about a bad case of the stripes…)

Are you curling up with a tablet or a smartphone to enjoy the sweet sounds of your favorite celebs reading you a bedtime story? Share a pic to #ACJrAtHome and show us how you are taking the time to hear a story with your family. Kids – make sure to ask your parents permission before using the Internet!

Save With Stories

Saves With Stories is a project on Instagram featuring celebrity readings of stories, for a good cause, and all using the #SAVEWITHSTORIES. It features story times with Weird Al Yankovic, Jennifer Garner, Amy Adams, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ellen DeGeneres and more. Started by Amy Adams and Jennifer Garner, the goal is best explained by Amy herself:

Amy: I’ve decided to finally join to shine a spotlight on kids across the country who need our help and support during this difficult time. My friend Jennifer Garner and I are launching @SAVEWITHSTORIES – a spot to watch your favorite celebrities read your favorite children’s books. We are galvanizing as a community to support a new fund for a combined effort between SAVE THE CHILDREN and Share Our Strength’s NO KID HUNGRY (and a big thank you to our founding publisher, Scholastic♥️). ⁣

THIRTY MILLION CHILDREN in the United States rely on school for food. School closures will hit vulnerable communities hard and @savethechildren and @nokidhungry are on the ground and ready to serve. They just need our help! ⁣

These funds will help us make sure that families know how to find meals when schools are closed, support mobile meal trucks, food banks and other community feeding programs, provide educational toys, books and worksheets, and support out-of-school-time programs to help kids make up for lost time in the classroom. ⁣

If you can manage a one time gift of $10, please text SAVE to 20222. If another amount would work better for you, please visit our website—link in bio. There is no maximum and there is no minimum—together we will rise and together we can help. #SAVEWITHSTORIES

And see below for Awesome Con guest Weird Al Yankovic reading his children’s book, When I Grow Up.

Josh Gad from Frozen

Hello, it’s Olaf, reading your kids a story… need I say more? Josh Gad, bless his heart, is reading to kids on the regular via his Twitter account. Follow him @joshgad to see him read a story live or see when he has posted up the story time once he is done. There’s even a hashtag you can follow! #GadBookClub is your source for all of the Josh Gad Book Club magic!

Storyline Online

Storyline Online, SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s award-winning children’s literacy website, features readings from famous faces. You can hear a story from Sean Astin, David Harbor, Oprah, Sarah Silverman, Rami Malek, Betty White, and many more celebs. Some of the videos are older but that just adds to the awesome nostalgia vibes!

Make sure to peep the entire Storyline Online YouTube library for a nice sized collection of celebs reading. There are a TON of videos here to pick from, so curl up with your mom, kid, or cat, find your favorite celeb, and get listening.