IEEE-USA is part of the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the largest technical professional society in the world.

We help U.S. IEEE members achieve lifelong career success, providing online and in-person resources for professional growth and advocating for public policies that benefit members, the profession and the American public.

We’re excited to show off our first digital comic book, The Slate Twins: Caught in the Currents, featuring engineering superheroes! Written by Michigan-born cartoonist Jeff Knurek, The Slate Twins features siblings Nick and Tess Slate, who have to use technology both real and fantastic to overcome a powerful villain and save their family – and perhaps the world. Download it today from the IEEE-USA Shop!

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Sonicboombox – Keep the Party Going at Home!

Sonicboombox are the organizers of Awesome Con’s official afterparty. On our new Twitch channel, we’re organizing DJ sets with some of our favorite DJs for you to dance to at home, plus draw-alongs and play-alongs with some of our cosplayer/artist/gamer friends and more. Follow us on Instagram for our first guest announcements, and check out our shop on Newtown HQ for all our merch.

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Fandom Metalworks

Fandom Metalworks is a family, home-based business that started two years ago. We design and produce a variety of fandom inspired metal art. Each of our pieces is hand finished and painted by us. We have enjoyed starting in this crazy and fun adventure that is vending at comic cons and look forward to meeting more people in the future.

Our pieces cover a wide gamut of fandoms, and we also do custom works.

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Welcome Back Comics

Welcome Back Comics has been a part of Awesome Con since year one and we are bummed we have to wait until December to share our great deals in person. We are looking forward to December with a brand new collection of Disney and Kids books from the 50’s through the 90s.  Our normal great dollar section where you buy 20 and get 20 for free.

Check out our Facebook page for great deals and on all of our comic books.  We are offering a ton of our complete sets on sale this weekend.  Tons of surprises happen there.

Check out our eBay store:

Thanks and can’t wait until December.

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Vintage Comics And Toys


My vast collection started in 2008 when I moved to Los Angeles. It was then I became enamored with the rich culture of picking and hunting for rare vintage comic books and pop-culture related items and it became an obsession as I filled up my tiny 500 square foot apartment with tons of collectibles. I began to have too much in my apartment that I started opening up my collection to the public at local comic cons before moving on to bigger shows. I officially moved to the east coast in 2016 with the aspirations of continuing my business and bringing along my Socal vibe to shows on the east coast. My shop represents the type of collectibles you would find in comic book stores and toy shops, across the U.S. Shop Now.

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Fine Collectibles Displays & Protection

Your one stop shop to protect…display…preserve…transport your collectibles/photos/art/comics.

We offer Protective Sleeves, Art Portfolios, Poster Tubes, Art & Comic Supplies, Blank Sketch Comic Books, & Frames for art, photo ops, Prints & Posters.

Featuring our New & Exclusive Comic Portfolio (flip through your comics like an art book, artists can now display their original sketch covers & at the con you can have easy access for autographs.


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Science on Tap: The Perfect Newsletter for a Science Superhero!

What in the world is happening with climate change? What about the latest with COVID-19? If you are a science superhero interested in staying up to date on the latest and greatest science news, look no further than Science on Tap. Science on Tap is a weekly newsletter that curates and summarizes the most interesting and accurate scientific research, discoveries, and news happening each week, but in a cheeky, distilled format. Basically, Science on Tap is like your Alfred Pennyworth! Except, instead of helping Batman with everything, it’s our job to make sure you have all the info you need so you can focus on saving the world!

Signing up is easy! Oh, and did we mention Science on Tap is free? Yep.

Science on Tap is brought to you by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the world’s largest multidisciplinary scientific society and a leading publisher of cutting-edge research through its Science family of journals.


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Ancient Illumination

Rod Van Blake a science fiction author, former Marine now living in Baltimore. Ancient Illumination was his debut novel in 2016 about sentient beings of light coming to Earth during the days of cro-magnon. One being is exiled there after getting in trouble for experimenting on early man. Ancient Illumination II was published in 2018 and the third follow up Ancient Illumination III: Godhood came out February of this year along with the debut of the first graphic novel digitally. Links to the digital versions of the books below.

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