Is’nana the Were-Spider

Greg Anderson Elysée is a Brooklyn, NY born Haitian-American writer, educator, filmmaker, and model. He has been teaching various forms of filmmaking, including narrative and documentary, from elementary level to the elderly since 2012. A former journalist for, he also ran his own column, (Heard It Thru) The Griotvine, where he showcased independent creators of color and LGBTQ creators. He now writes for the independent pop culture news website Bleeding Cool. He is known through the community for doing this on a broader scale, all while presenting his thoughts on diversity.

Is’nana: The Were-Spider was his first comic series, and is a multi-award winner, including 2018 Fan Award, Rising Star, and Best Male Character, and 2019 Best Writer and Story of the Year (Glyph Awards). Is’nana is based on Anansi the trickster god of the Akan people of Ghana, whose stories have spread for centuries throughout Africa as well as the Caribbean. The Gentleman: Darkness of the Void and Marassa, both published by Evoluzione Publishing, debuted in 2018. Elysée has also published work with Lion Forge via the nationally recognized project Puerto Rico Strong.

Business is Dead, Resurrecting Entrepreneurship through

Business is DeadResurrecting Entrepreneurship.

While an amazon search displays over 40,000 books on the topic of entrepreneurship, Business is Dead is only book specifically on the topic of FANtrepreneurship.

Fantrepreneurship is the pursuit of an artistic, philanthropic or business venture that is based upon your fandom of a particular pop culture genre’.

In Business is Dead, I profile over a dozen people who, sparked by their fandom of the series The Walking Dead, created businesses so that they could be more than just a fan, they have become part of The Walking Dead universe.

While I used the unique niche topic’ of fantrepreneurs inspired by The Walking Dead, the book is a guide for all first-time entrepreneurs and artists who want to move their pop culture passion towards action.  Whether they are fans of Game of Thrones, or Star Wars or NASCAR, there is a tract of fantrepreneurism they can follow.

This book is for the fan who wants to launch their first creative, business or philanthropic venture.

For those that are looking to enjoy some zombie pandemic fun while hunkering down during the real world pandemic, please check out my zombie trilogy.

Exit Zero Zombie trilogy; book 1: Exit Zero, book 2: Nuke Jersey, book 3: Zombie Democracy (which covers the first Presidential election post zombie apocalypse).


Erin Lefler is a character designer, concept artist, illustrator, and visual developer. She has been working as a Lucasfilms LTD. merchandise artist since 2017, and as a licensed Marvel Merchandise artist since 2020.

Erin is known for her work creating and championing an anti-cyberbullying campaign known as ‘Force Against Cyber Bullying.’ Erin has also appeared on Syfy’s series “Artist Alley” drawing Chris Pratt as Marvel’s Starlord from Guardians of The Galaxy. Erin’s artwork has been seen at the red carpet premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and upcoming in “The Squickerwonkers: The Demise of Lorna the Lazy” written by Evangeline Lily.

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TJ Sterling a model and martial artist is the President and Lead artist of RAE Comics, a dynamic indie comic company that focuses on telling powerful stories about unique and diverse characters.  TJ started his career working for the infamous Marvel Bullpen as Production Artist for over a year. Post working at Marvel Entertainment, TJ would go on to create cover art for Dark Horse, Interior art for Aspen Comics, and most recently, art for DC Comics Batman Giant issue #5.  Tj is also the writer and artist of the ongoing comic series Okemupublished through RAE Comics. A sci-fi martial art action tale centered around a young man of color with a superhuman ability that could potentially save the human race. With a catalog of issues in stores and in the hands of fans across the globe Okemus has become a huge favorite in the comic industry.  TJ’s work can be found online at RAECOMICS.COM.

Ted Woods



Ted Woods is a comic book writer and artist based in Camden, New Jersey.  He self-published his own comic ‘The Book of Love’ from 2010-2012.  He has worked for comic companies such as Dude What? Comics, Transfuzion, and Cosmic Times, as well as trading card companies like Upper Deck, Cryptozoic, and Unstoppable Cards.  He currently manages to balance freelance work, convention appearances, teaching, commissions, and a slight addiction to Mountain Dew.



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Heather Blair, Author – New LGBT Time Travel Romance to 1920!

Heather Blair is the author of new adult romance novels including For the Lost TimeLucid Dreaming (18+) and Wide Awake (18+). She was born and raised in Vermont and has spent much of her adult life in New York and Los Angeles. She currently resides in Connecticut with her two cats.

Her latest release, For the Lost Time, just came out April 21st. Shop now!

“When Diego Delgado closed his eyes it was 2020. When he awoke, he was one-hundred years in the past.

Thrust into the dawn of the Jazz Age with no money and nowhere to go, Diego encounters a veritable bouquet of acquaintances including a kind-hearted factory owner, a free-spirited flapper, a worldly-wise mystic, and a strong-willed heir named Thomas Greely.

Diego, desperate to return to the future and reunite with his young daughter, must blend in with the roaring twenties lifestyle while searching for answers.

But distractions are all around him, especially Thomas who is both beautiful and charismatic, and Diego must grapple with the reality that even if he succeeds in returning home, half of his heart will stay behind.”

Nonasuch Vintage & Craft

Hello! I’m a DC local, and I make assemblage jewelry using vintage & antique components, found objects, and gemstone beads. Each piece is one of a kind. In my day job, I own Suffragette City Vintage in Hyattsville, MD, and I love being able to give new life to old things. When an earring loses its mate, or a brooch its pin, or I turn up a box of odd, lovely things at a flea market, I can incorporate them into a new piece of jewelry and know they will still be worn and loved.

This will be my 5th year exhibiting at Awesome Con, and I hope to see you all in person in December!