Is’nana the Were-Spider

Greg Anderson Elysée is a Brooklyn, NY born Haitian-American writer, educator, filmmaker, and model. He has been teaching various forms of filmmaking, including narrative and documentary, from elementary level to the elderly since 2012. A former journalist for, he also ran his own column, (Heard It Thru) The Griotvine, where he showcased independent creators of color and LGBTQ creators. He now writes for the independent pop culture news website Bleeding Cool. He is known through the community for doing this on a broader scale, all while presenting his thoughts on diversity.

Is’nana: The Were-Spider was his first comic series, and is a multi-award winner, including 2018 Fan Award, Rising Star, and Best Male Character, and 2019 Best Writer and Story of the Year (Glyph Awards). Is’nana is based on Anansi the trickster god of the Akan people of Ghana, whose stories have spread for centuries throughout Africa as well as the Caribbean. The Gentleman: Darkness of the Void and Marassa, both published by Evoluzione Publishing, debuted in 2018. Elysée has also published work with Lion Forge via the nationally recognized project Puerto Rico Strong.

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Business is Dead, Resurrecting Entrepreneurship through

Business is DeadResurrecting Entrepreneurship.

While an amazon search displays over 40,000 books on the topic of entrepreneurship, Business is Dead is only book specifically on the topic of FANtrepreneurship.

Fantrepreneurship is the pursuit of an artistic, philanthropic or business venture that is based upon your fandom of a particular pop culture genre’.

In Business is Dead, I profile over a dozen people who, sparked by their fandom of the series The Walking Dead, created businesses so that they could be more than just a fan, they have become part of The Walking Dead universe.

While I used the unique niche topic’ of fantrepreneurs inspired by The Walking Dead, the book is a guide for all first-time entrepreneurs and artists who want to move their pop culture passion towards action.  Whether they are fans of Game of Thrones, or Star Wars or NASCAR, there is a tract of fantrepreneurism they can follow.

This book is for the fan who wants to launch their first creative, business or philanthropic venture.

For those that are looking to enjoy some zombie pandemic fun while hunkering down during the real world pandemic, please check out my zombie trilogy.

Exit Zero Zombie trilogy; book 1: Exit Zero, book 2: Nuke Jersey, book 3: Zombie Democracy (which covers the first Presidential election post zombie apocalypse).

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Erin Lefler is a character designer, concept artist, illustrator, and visual developer. She has been working as a Lucasfilms LTD. merchandise artist since 2017, and as a licensed Marvel Merchandise artist since 2020.

Erin is known for her work creating and championing an anti-cyberbullying campaign known as ‘Force Against Cyber Bullying.’ Erin has also appeared on Syfy’s series “Artist Alley” drawing Chris Pratt as Marvel’s Starlord from Guardians of The Galaxy. Erin’s artwork has been seen at the red carpet premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and upcoming in “The Squickerwonkers: The Demise of Lorna the Lazy” written by Evangeline Lily.

Shop Now!

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TJ Sterling a model and martial artist is the President and Lead artist of RAE Comics, a dynamic indie comic company that focuses on telling powerful stories about unique and diverse characters.  TJ started his career working for the infamous Marvel Bullpen as Production Artist for over a year. Post working at Marvel Entertainment, TJ would go on to create cover art for Dark Horse, Interior art for Aspen Comics, and most recently, art for DC Comics Batman Giant issue #5.  Tj is also the writer and artist of the ongoing comic series Okemupublished through RAE Comics. A sci-fi martial art action tale centered around a young man of color with a superhuman ability that could potentially save the human race. With a catalog of issues in stores and in the hands of fans across the globe Okemus has become a huge favorite in the comic industry.  TJ’s work can be found online at RAECOMICS.COM.

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Ted Woods



Ted Woods is a comic book writer and artist based in Camden, New Jersey.  He self-published his own comic ‘The Book of Love’ from 2010-2012.  He has worked for comic companies such as Dude What? Comics, Transfuzion, and Cosmic Times, as well as trading card companies like Upper Deck, Cryptozoic, and Unstoppable Cards.  He currently manages to balance freelance work, convention appearances, teaching, commissions, and a slight addiction to Mountain Dew.



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Heather Blair, Author – New LGBT Time Travel Romance to 1920!

Heather Blair is the author of new adult romance novels including For the Lost TimeLucid Dreaming (18+) and Wide Awake (18+). She was born and raised in Vermont and has spent much of her adult life in New York and Los Angeles. She currently resides in Connecticut with her two cats.

Her latest release, For the Lost Time, just came out April 21st. Shop now!

“When Diego Delgado closed his eyes it was 2020. When he awoke, he was one-hundred years in the past.

Thrust into the dawn of the Jazz Age with no money and nowhere to go, Diego encounters a veritable bouquet of acquaintances including a kind-hearted factory owner, a free-spirited flapper, a worldly-wise mystic, and a strong-willed heir named Thomas Greely.

Diego, desperate to return to the future and reunite with his young daughter, must blend in with the roaring twenties lifestyle while searching for answers.

But distractions are all around him, especially Thomas who is both beautiful and charismatic, and Diego must grapple with the reality that even if he succeeds in returning home, half of his heart will stay behind.”

Nonasuch Vintage & Craft

Hello! I’m a DC local, and I make assemblage jewelry using vintage & antique components, found objects, and gemstone beads. Each piece is one of a kind. In my day job, I own Suffragette City Vintage in Hyattsville, MD, and I love being able to give new life to old things. When an earring loses its mate, or a brooch its pin, or I turn up a box of odd, lovely things at a flea market, I can incorporate them into a new piece of jewelry and know they will still be worn and loved.

This will be my 5th year exhibiting at Awesome Con, and I hope to see you all in person in December!


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Kira R. Tregoning, Fantasy Author

Discover a new fantasy series with The Aligerai, a YA trilogy with magic, new worlds, demons, and a dash of romance. The third book, Fractured Bonds, was just released!

Kira is a Maryland author with a love for fantasy, language, and animals. Her next project is focused on mythology and is set for August 2020. She has been writing stories since she could hold a pencil, and is currently fascinated with Classical Greece.

Thanks for reading!

Amazon author page:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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Sarah’s Stitches

Specializing in high quality, hand made snack/sandwich bags to eliminate single-use baggies in the kitchen.  She also makes wet bags (lined with water-proof material) for laundry, camping, backpacking, beach, travel, toiletries, shoes, electronics, diaper bags, lunch bags, and more.  Her knitting bags are portable project bags with a grommet hole and handle to take your knitting/crochet projects with you.  She is also selling face masks in various sizes.  Sarah’s Stitches products are made to last!  100% Hand made bags, made in her home in Hanover, Maryland.

Sarah has been sewing since college and has turned her passion for fabrics into a business.  She has three children, a wonderful husband, and is also a published author.  You can find her works on most book sites under her pen name, Sarah Jaune.

She has been in business since 2007. Shop now!

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What if everyday items like baggies, napkins or pads actually brightened your day, instead of being thrown away? You’d save money while protecting your future, all while adding more fun to your everyday life!

BleedGeeks is sewing a better future by switching boring, expensive, single-use products with fun reusables that feature your favorite characters. With our huge variety of prints, you’re sure to find one of your favorites! (If you don’t, drop us a message, as we add new prints all the time. We may be waiting for an excuse to add one that would be just right for you, or it could even be in transit!)

We’re a Baltimore-based collective of queer parents who believe that disposable products have lowered our expectations of how pleasant everyday items can be. We believe that the stories we love can help us all make the future we want.

*This weekend ONLY*, you can use the code “AWESOME” to get free shipping in our store (linked above), just as if you’d stopped by our table at the con! You can also use this specific link to make sure you don’t forget to use your code:

We’ll miss the chance to meet and talk to you, but thank you for keeping yourself and others safe by staying home! Of course, you can chat with us anytime on Facebook or Instagram, and we’ll be sharing our favorite highlights of AwesomeCons past all weekend! Stop by and comment some of your favorite AwesomeCon memories ❤

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Mack Daddy Magic Wands

Hi there – I’m Lee, and I’ve been making magic wands for several years now out of my studio in the Columbia, Maryland area. Originally, I got into this because my daughter wanted a certain young wizard-oriented party, and I tend to go overboard on some things…and every kid that came to the party wound up with a handmade wand that they selected – and tested, to make sure it was one that matched them, of course – out of a different type of wood, learning (and demonstrating) destruction spells, door lock/unlocking spells, even setting things on fire!

Lots of folks make wands, and we all have a different take. I tend to use just the natural pieces of wood – I don’t use magnets, or LEDs, or glitter, or RFID chips, there’s no stain or paint – I turn them on a lathe and put a protective coating on them. I’m one of these people that thinks the natural product looks and feels right all by itself – it’s rare when I add something to a wand.

Because they’re all handmade, each one is different and unique. I try to incorporate different parts of the tree – there may be color differences because the wood was taken from a specific part of the tree, or there may be places where a branch was about to form, there may be wood patterns – you name it, and it’s there in the wood already. I don’t have to add anything!

There is a group of wands that I electrify, using power to burn tree-like patterns into the wands – Warrior Wands.  You’ll see them when you visit my website, at; there’s a photo gallery of wands there, and see if you see something that might call to you! There’s a Facebook page where I announce events and have occasional giveaways at – like my work and you’ll get the updates as well.

Thanks for reading and learning about me and my wands!

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Matsumoto Art

Shop Matsumoto Art

I create illustrations of original characters, pop cultural characters, landscapes, and narrative scenes! My clients have included Walt Disney Animation Studios, Marvel Studios and Blizzard Entertainment.

Limited Edition Avatar Print

Our officially licensed artist proofs for ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ will be available online!

Aang is specially overlaid with glow-in-the-dark ink making the power of his Avatar state notably visible even when the lights go out! These 8×10″ prints will come hand-signed and numbered by the artist, Michael Matsumoto.

Once sold out, no more will be reprinted in the future. Be sure to grab yours before they’re all gone!

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Fat Guy Inc Studios

Brendan Shaw and Peat Vazquez from  Long Island, New York make up Fat Guy Inc Studios. They are artists  illustrators and Indie Comic Book guys. You’ve seen them at shows like NYCC, C2E2, , Baltimore Comic-Con AnimeNYC, Steel City, Katsucon .Awesome Con of course and tons of local shows around Long Island, NYC and NJ.  From Fan Art to Indie Comic Books and everything in between FGI does it all( PG13 of course)! We take commissions, paint, blank sketch covers, we’re basically ALWAYS drawing and painting.

You can find us on

You can find Peat at

You can firn Brenda at

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Joshua Budich Art

Joshua Budich is an independent illustrator working for numerous galleries, including Gallery 1988 and Spoke Art, movie studios, and media outlets around the globe. Inspired by a love for the pop culture of his youth, his primary focus is on screenprints that celebrate popular movies, animated shows, and more.
Budich graduated from the University of Maryland Baltimore County with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Imaging and Digital Arts) in 2000. He enjoys cooking with his wife, drawing with his son, and reading to his daughter.
He lives in the Baltimore/District of Columbia area with his wife and their two children.
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Meg’s Minions

Meg’s Minions, an Arlington, VA based small crochet business specializes in unique plushies inspired from the natural world and fantasy. From bunnies, to foxes, narwhals, tardigrades, gnomes, unicorns, dragons, and so much more. We even have catnip toys for your feline!
Each stuffy is handmade from our very own patterns, guaranteeing a sidekick as unique as you.  All plush are machine washable and customizable. Contact our shop and we can switch up colors on any of our existing patterns.
To find your perfect huggable sidekick, visit our shop:
Social Media:
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Cuddles and Rage

Liz and Jimmy Reed are the husband-and-wife team behind Cuddles and Rage, a world full of disturbingly cute stories with heart. What began as a webcomic featuring doodles and dioramas of anthropomorphic food has grown to include books, animation, and product design.

Their work has been featured by Nerdist, The Washington Post, NPR, HelloGiggles, and SparkLife. Their first animated short debuted at the NYC Food Film Festival in 2016. In 2017, their second short took home the Best Super-Short award. Their first picture book, Sweet Competition, was released by HarperCollins in 2016 and followed-up by Sweet Success in 2018. Their latest graphic novel, Bites of Terror, is out now with Quirk Books. It includes 144 pages of twisted tales told through hand-sculpted dioramas.

They live and work in the DC area and can be coaxed to visit other cities with cake and ice cream. Reach out to to get in touch.


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The Art of Megan Withey

Megan Withey is a watercolor artist and has one of the most popular Art Shops on Etsy, the #1 Disney Princess Painting on Pinterest (search for Belle and you’ll see her painting listed at the top, Belle with a book).  She illustrated the book, Myths of Legend, about Mythological Creatures sold at Barnes and Noble & Amazon.  You can check out her work at

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Circuit Breaker Labs

Hey DC friends! I’m Amanda Preske of Circuit Breaker Labs. I create wearable and decorative are from broken electronics.

I work out of my home studio on the DC/MD border. I started working with circuit boards over a decade ago, and have since incorporated more and more e-waste into my art, including wires, keyboards, resistors, diodes, and anything else that falls under the umbrella of electronic trash.

My background is in chemistry (semiconductor synthesis! anyone?) so a lot of what I make includes science and tech themes.

I absolutely love meeting people at events and nerding out. The next best way to connect (and see how I make everything!) is over social media:



My Website:

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Sarah Miller Creations

Hi everyone!
My name is Sarah–game artist, dark fantasy illustrator, and Virginia local! I love to paint surreal, psychological, and existential themes, as well as my favorite game and comic/anime characters (favorites including Blade, Castlevania, BNHA, Persona, Dark Souls, & Inuyasha to name a few~). I’ve made art for Chaosium’s Runequest series, a handful of book covers, and am currently working on an art series for my first illustrated novel, Crow & Arrow!

I’m a passionate advocate for mental health awareness and explore a lot of its concepts in my original work. If you want to know more about my story or follow along with creative behind the scenes and special content, follow me on my PATREON!

You can find more of my work on my WEBSITE, subscribe to my newsletter for project and con updates, and/or follow me at any of my social media sites for more art~ Thanks for stopping by!

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Yugen Tribe

Accessories for stargazers with style that’s out of this world! We are a woman-owned-and-operated handcrafted jewelry studio from the DC Metro area, located in Maryland. Our goal is to celebrate the Universe, and our place in it, with unique jewelry and accessories for everyone.

Whether you want to wear the whole Solar System around your neck, have a pendant with the Moon phase from your birthday in it, a ring with authentic Meteorite, a bracelet with the phases of the Moon, a functional pocket watch customized with your favorite Nebula, or a collection of illustrated enamel pins featuring your favorite planets, we’ve got you covered! (And more!)

We are offering 30% off everything on our website as a thank you for your patience while shipping and production are slightly delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Just use coupon code “ISALEATION” at checkout. Though we are still getting into the studio each week to work on open orders and ship products as fast as we can. We also offer free shipping within the USA for all orders over $35!

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Hi, I’m Katie – Founder and Artist of Corgasaur. This is my third year vending and putting my art out there to sell and I’m from the Baltimore, MD area. I love fandoms and corgis and figured I would mash them together in my business. I have a lot of artwork of various fandoms, corgis, and corgi fandom mashups! I have items ranging from fine art to more stylized illustration. I love Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Twin Peaks, Jurassic Park, TMNT, corgis, and more!

Check out my website for all my social links and more:

Follow me on Instagram:

Shop on my Etsy:

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Adrienne Wilder


Adrienne’s Darkside of the Rainbow FB group


Patreon – NewsletterDeviant Art

I am a writer of contemporary and speculative gay fiction and artist. I live to create new worlds and the people in them. Several of my books have been best sellers both nationally and internationally.

I do my best to write original stories with powerful characters and emotions as well as a fast-paced plot. My goal isn’t just to deliver a good story but to take the reader into the story and let them experience the characters as if they are right there with them.

While almost all my books have a romantic element, I will be the first to admit, they are not traditional romance. In fact, I’d like to think there is nothing traditional about them. And the stories I paint are done so way outside the lines of traditional genres.

One of my favorite things to do as a writer is push the boundaries of what makes a story and to deliver the unexpected and maybe even change the perspective of the reader.

My characters are more often than not, beautifully flawed, not always the good guy, and make mistakes. Their stories will take dark turns which, in the end, make the light at the end of the tunnel all the brighter.

If you’re looking for something different, exciting, and unique, my books are for you.

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Atra Messor Art

Brooklyn Born, Jay Peralta aka Atra Messor Art has always put his all into making art, for over 13 years and counting he has worked in all styles of art. From corporate logos and needs, to working with some of the best bands in the music industry creating artwork for merch including t-shirts and album covers, to now creating art for himself and the fans while traveling around the country at Comic Cons.

Falling in love and now focusing on Digital Art Atra Messor is at the forefront of this exciting new medium, completely self-taught and self-motivated he grabs the audience attention with his own unique style ranging from “mash-ups” putting celebrities into the roles they will play or want to play, concept art, pop culture art and more, his work is simply eye-catching.

With the current pandemic, he has created a Patreon to help support his family and bring art to everyone stuck at home and looks forward to getting back on the road again and meeting new friends and old

Atra Messor prides himself on being approachable and genuine with everyone he meets. This is also one of the reasons he created Artist Club, a clothing label but also more than that a network to support all artist of all genres and mediums, from shouting out artists and cosplayers weekly to promoting shows for not just himself but other artists, He wants to bring community and positivity back into Artist Alley.

Instagram – @AtraMessor_Art / Vero – @AtraMessorArt / Twitter – @atramessorArt / Facebook – @AtraMessor / Email –

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Cath Biscuits

Hey! I’m Cath

I’m a DC Local who moved to Illinois for one year and ready to come back to the DC area!

I’m an illustrator who can never choose just ONE character to draw because usually if I love a series it means I love almost EVERYONE in the show. Most notably: kakegurui, nichijou, carole and tuesday, pokemon, and fire emblem!!

Oh! And if fanart isn’t your thing I LOVE DND AND ANYTHING FANTASY! My art career sparked when I did a DND collaboration with dicemakers on Instagram called Dice and Mermaids. With that, I also made them into sticker sets. And if you want to spruce up your journal with some cute stickers/washi tape then you’ve come to the right place!



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Fishhawk & Rocket

Fishhawk & Rocket is the 2-person team of artist Johnny Rocket Ibanez and writer J.N. Fishhawk. After 6 years of preparation, in January of 2020 we launched a series of illustrated kids’ books with a surrealistic fantasy theme. The books are set in a shared world we are collaboratively creating.

Every book in this series will be a hybrid of more conventional formats including chapter books, picture books, and comic/sequential art books. We are excited to promote the first book in our “World of Whim Sea” series, Billy & Tugboat SallyForth, at AwesomeCon 2020.

We will be selling copies of the book, sea shanty zines, prints, original fine art pieces, cards, and stickers. Johnny will also be offering portraits drawn in the style of the illustrations for the book—hit him up for your Whim Sea style portrait today!

J.N. Fishhawk is a Gainesville, Florida based poet and freelance writer whose work has appeared in numerous print and online publications. Fishhawk is the author of two chapbooks of poetry and Postcards from the Darklands, a book of ekphrastic poems accompanying artwork by Gainesville artist Jorge Ibanez. He is also poetry editor for the Writers Alliance of Gainesville’s international journal, Bacopa Literary Review. In January, 2020 he debuted the first-in-a-series children’s book Billy & Tugboat SallyForth with his co-creator, artist Johnny Rocket Ibanez. Find him online at and

Johnny Rocket Ibanez is a poet and artist currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Ibanez, who was born and grew up in Gainesville, FL, is a co-founder of Gainesville-based Dancing Ghost Productions, which has published numerous poetry and fine art books by Gainesville artists. His most recent book of poems is the 10-year compendium The Aerodynamics of Solitude. Ibanez makes his living as a graphic designer, illustrator, and web developer. He is the co-creator, along with poet and author J.N. Fishhawk, of Billy & Tugboat SallyForth, a first-in-a-series illustrated children’s book set in a world based on his original artwork. You can find him at and

To get more Whim Sea, visit us on Facebook, at our website, or on Patreon.

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Art by Cinnaghost

Hi! I am Emily or Cinnaghost and I like drawing all kinds of things from punny cards to magical girl monster crossovers. I’ve been creative all my life, but I’m new to the larger art community – thank you for your support and I hope you like my art!

I’m a DC local living in Alexandria. AwesomeCon was the first con that I ever attended, so I’m stoked that it’s also the first in which I can participate as an artist in artist alley.

Thank you for taking a look and have a fantastic day! Can’t wait to see/meet you in December 🙂

Follow me on social media ~

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Sew Queer DC

Sew Queer DC is an online store and series of classes started by DC local, Molly Stratton (he/his). Frustrated with how gendered mainstream fashion still is, Molly’s classes focus on showing queers simple alterations that make their clothing more useful and fitted to their gender, such as putting pockets in skirts and hemming your own pants. When he’s not sewing, he is creating snarky pins, designing jacket patches, and sewing Mothman dolls.

Molly recently co-authored a zine with his friend K. S. Brenowitz called “My Gender is (Patch) Pockets.” Naturally, it shows you how to DIY your own pocket on any shirt you like. You can buy it here:

You can buy my creations at my online shop ( or follow me on Facebook (

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K.S. Brenowitz

Who is K.S. Brenowitz?

Hi! I’m a writer and artist originally from New York who ended up keeping going south (even while heat and humidity don’t play nice with me) till I ended up here in DC.  It’s been a bit of a joke that I’m like if someone dropped an Edwardian into Woodstock and they decided they liked the vibe there 😀

What sort of work do you do?

I write and draw my own comics – specializing in sci-fi, horror, and just plain weird – along with  working in pen and in, watercolor, and collage.

For my comics, I love telling stories that let me play in other worlds for a while – a robot and an alien teaming up to do electrical repairs, a digital lifeform traveling though a computer system like traversing a care system, or what if the DC Metro lines had personalities and anthropomorphic forms? Adding in my enjoyment of pen and ink, and digital collage, and you have comics with both a unique story and look.

For collage, I tend to build entirely out of the kind of stuff people usually throw away – bottlecaps, gum wrappers, candy foil – to make shining icons of a religion founded by robots, or just play with being abstract after rendering an environment in my usual ink style. Take a look on my instagram to see WIP shots of those coming together, they’re a trip!

That sounds neat! Where can I gaze upon your work?

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JDR Publishers

D.L. Roley has enjoyed writing since he was in elementary school. His first career out of college was in the field of education and he currently works in information technology. He has dabbled as a novelist on a few different occasions but has never seriously pursued publishing for any of his works, until now. Partnering with his amazing wife he formed JDR Publishers to complete a lifelong dream of publishing his novel, Nasu Rabi (Old Bear). They live together with their three energetic children in Maryland.

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Number 12 Creations

Hello, I am Laura from Number 12 Creations!

As excited as I am for a winter Awesome Con, I am thrilled about this online convention! I have been doing Awesome Con since the very beginning, and each year is more exciting than the last. I cherish the interactions with fellow fans as we bounce up and down together over different guests, or when they notice something on my table that I made for their favorite fandom.

I love to make tiny things out of clay, as well as curate unique charm bracelets that represent fandom favorites, no matter how obscure! From Veronica Mars to Stranger Things, I have a large selection of charm bracelets (or charm necklaces!) for you to subtly show your love for your favorite show, movie, book, or whatever!

This is new and exciting territory, and to celebrate I added some new things to my Etsy, like fandom resin pendants, Knives Out inspired earrings, and more Broadway-inspired things.  I happily take commissions, so feel free to reach out and we can work together to make you something nerdy!

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Bob The Artist

Robert (Bob The Artist) Luedke, has been involved with the comic industry since the mid-1990’s, as a publisher, writer, inker, colorist and illustrator.  His Eye Witness graphic novel series (2004-2010) took home 5 different indy book awards.  The eclectic collection of pop culture based prints and posters, based on his illustrations, are always a highlight of any convention!  See: Bob The Artist for more art samples.

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Cerece Rennie Murphy/NARAZU

National bestselling and award-winning author Cerece Rennie Murphy has published ten novels, children’s books, and short stories, including her latest release The Wolf Queen: The Promise of Aferi. In addition, Mrs. Murphy and her son are also working on completing Ellis and The Cloud Kingdom, the 3rd book in the Ellis and the Magic Mirror early reader children’s book series. Mrs. Murphy lives and writes in her hometown of Washington, DC with her husband, two children and the family dog, Yoda. To learn more about the author and her upcoming projects, please visit her website at

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Catawampus Press

Catawampus Press specializes in creating strange and wonderful handmade goods. Located in Durham, North Carolina, our works are inspired by the creeping folktales of the Southeast, the charm of the mountains, and a bit of pop culture chaos.






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The Tall Grass

Hi! I’m The Tall Grass, a self-taught Artist, and I specialize in several different Art mediums from Highly detailed, unique Amigurumi you won’t find anywhere else; hand sculpted Clay models / ornaments and necklaces; as well as merchandise like Enamels Pins, Charms (Wood and Acrylic), Vinyl Stickers and Cosplay Lanyards!

I like to bring people’s favorite characters to life through my crochet and designs, some of my favorite Fandoms to work in are Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, World of Warcraft and anything Dragon! With my Original Art, I use it to bring awareness to Wildlife Conservation – with several of my Enamel Pins benefiting Wildlife Conservation groups when purchased – and educate people on the lesser known Endangered Species.

Use code VIRTUALAWESOMECON in my Etsy shop at checkout for 15% off all merch!

I post daily on my Instagram, and it’s the best place to follow for updates on new Kickstarters, when I’ll be taking Amigurumi orders, and when new Merch drops! You can also view all past works in my Gallery on DA!

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My name is Kiana and I am the proud owner of NerdyWithKiArt LLC. I am a native of Washington, D.C. and an alumni of VCU (Go Rams!) Currently I am a freelance artist/graphic designer located in Burtonsville, MD. I love creating acrylic/digital paintings of your favorite superheroes and 90’s/00’s cartoon characters.

If you would like to check out my work or purchase some art visit and/or! 🙂

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Various video game/anime/comic characters that were made by melting tiny plastic beads together in order to form a unique pixelized version of the given character. These sprites have never been seen in any officially released game and are originally designed in collaboration with Ahruon a.k.a. Abysswolf and Orkimides of Card Saga Wars. Together we bring you the very highest in quality in regard to character pixel sprites from all your favorite fandoms, games, and movies. Nothing is off-limits and we guarantee the customer will walk away happy.


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Mixtape Massacre

Our Games


Mixtape Massacre is a tabletop board game where up to 6 players play as slasher archetypes and compete in a fictional 1986 killing spree to be remembered. With tons of jokes and references to 1980’s pop-culture and horror tropes – Mixtape Massacre will have you laughing while you’re slashing!

We also have our brand new stand-alone horror game, Mixtape Massacre: Escape from Tall Oaks is a meta-cooperative game where 2 to 6 players attempt to escape the maddening streets of Tall Oaks by fighting off slashers, rescuing residents, and safeguarding the town in hopes of getting the hell outta town…or die trying. Though working together at times, in the end only one survivor will escape.

We also offer expansion, booster packs, and some pretty cool limited merch. Be sure to check us out at our website:

The Team

Bright Light Media is an award winning creative agency founded in 2011 by Freddie Carlini and Matt Corrado. Bright Light has worked with several iconic brands and businesses before Kickstarting their own product in 2015 with the launch of Mixtape Massacre.
As avid horror film fanatics, art junkies, hardcore gamers and last but not least, 80’s kids, Bright Light continues to grow the Mixtape Massacre brand and develop new products and ideas.
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