Business is DeadResurrecting Entrepreneurship.

While an amazon search displays over 40,000 books on the topic of entrepreneurship, Business is Dead is only book specifically on the topic of FANtrepreneurship.

Fantrepreneurship is the pursuit of an artistic, philanthropic or business venture that is based upon your fandom of a particular pop culture genre’.

In Business is Dead, I profile over a dozen people who, sparked by their fandom of the series The Walking Dead, created businesses so that they could be more than just a fan, they have become part of The Walking Dead universe.

While I used the unique niche topic’ of fantrepreneurs inspired by The Walking Dead, the book is a guide for all first-time entrepreneurs and artists who want to move their pop culture passion towards action.  Whether they are fans of Game of Thrones, or Star Wars or NASCAR, there is a tract of fantrepreneurism they can follow.

This book is for the fan who wants to launch their first creative, business or philanthropic venture.

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