Website feature: We want to list you as a VIRTUAL Exhibtor Booth on our website. Please fill out the form below to give us all the information we need.

IMPORTANT! Read instructions below before submitting your post.

For Post Title: Include your Company name – whatever you would have had on your Exhibitor Booth sign.

For large content box, under Post Category:  This is where your company bio, links, and images can go, as well as copy about yourself. Are you DC Local? How long have you been in the business? Who is your favorite superhero? Include that information, along with your background, bio, origin story – whatever you want! Be sure to include links to where people can best support you!

For Upload an Image – Please select your image(s) to upload.: This is the main featured image on your listing. It must be less than or equal to 1500×500 pixels. If you submit an image that is larger than 1500×500 pixels, the form will not submit and you may lose your copy.


How else can you join in on our Virtual Exhibitor Hall?

Within the Facebook event: We encourage you to post on the Facebook event **Within The Exhibitor Thread Only** with a link to your online shop and any pictures or promotions you want to share. Any posts made outside of the Exhibitor thread will be taken down and you will be asked to repost.

During our Sunday, May 3 Live Stream: We have a highly limited number of spots available on Sunday for 15-minute “live streams” within the Facebook Event. During this time, should you claim a spot, you’d be expected to do some kind of awesome presentation about your products or services! This would be a pre-recorded 15 minute video that would be expected to be submitted ahead of time. You would also be expected to be available during your scheduled time slot to engage with fans live. If you are interested in participating please fill out this form by April 15.

Please send additional questions to We can’t wait to have an AWESOME virtual con with you all!