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1. Mulan: An East Side Story – 8 min
2. Moving On West – 5 min
3. The Carnival Kid – 5 min 30 sec
4. Say What – 5 min 30 sec
5. One Day – 8 min
6. Bristled – 5 min
7. The Professional – 10 min
8. TF Roll Out – 3 min
9. My Kid Brother “Daydream” – 4 min
10. Push – 4 min
11. How Blue is your Ocean – 8 min
12. Corky – 6 min
13. The Dirty Jersey – 9 min
14. They Breed us to Feed – 4 min
15. Cruel Shoes – 3 min
16. Rooted – 3 min
17. Vatna Glacier – 3 min and 30 secs
18. Places We Love Can Never Leave – 7 min
19. Ballin’: A Kickball Story – 15 min
20. Magic Play – 3 min and 30 secs
21. Stalk Talk Forever – 1 min
22. I’ll Love You Forever – 5 min
23. Filmmaker Interview with Aaron Weinstein (Say What), Dustin Scully (Appleseed Ave), Michael C. Perry (The Carnival Kid), Mykhailo Bogdanov (Vatna Glacier), and Trilina Mai (Push)


Ballin’: A Kickball Story

A documentarian spends the summer observing the social, competitive, and romantic aspects of adult kickball leagues in Washington DC. Documentary/comedy.


After countless blind dates that have gone poorly, Bernard swears that his next date will be “the one.” But could her flaw be too much for him to overcome? Bristled is a hand drawn comedic short film that deals the way we perceive others as well as ourselves.

Director Biography – Scott Farrell

Scott Farrell is a native New Yorker who’s been working at Blue Sky Studios in feature film animation for the past 15 years. His animation credits include the Ice Age and Rio franchises; as well as Ferdinand, Peanuts, Epic and Horton Hears a Who. He is currently working on the upcoming film Spies in Disguise.

The Carnival Kid

Ever have a little bit of trouble concentrating at work? Travis does. He can’t seem to get much done with his co-worker Adelaide on his mind. This imaginative romantic-comedy is reminiscent of the golden age of Hollywood musicals. Things continue to get even more interesting when an old Dixieland band gets involved. That’s just for starters! Carnival Kid is a surreal Technicolor musical short set to the music of Jour Majesty.

Director Biography – Michael Perry

Los Angeles based Michael C. Perry is a combination of filmmaker, music producer and artist. After graduating from USC School of Cinema, he began directing television commercials and music videos then migrated to sound engineering and record producing. Recently, Perry has become known for his Short Musical Films. In 2016, he was nominated for multiple awards for the animated musical, “Empty Box of Wine”. The film won BEST SHORT at the London International Short Film Festival, BEST ANIMATION at the Action on Film International Film Festival and SPIRIT OF THE FESTIVAL award at the Twin Falls Sandwiches Film Festival. In 2017, his comedy musical, “The Extravaganza” won at the Northern Virginia International Film & Music Festival. Along with directing his current film “The Carnival Kid”, Michael wrote, performed and produced the music. He will be accompanying the new film at upcoming festivals and performing the film’s music at local venues with his band,


A corkscrew with a screw loose battles a giant glass bottle to uncork seven magical lightning bugs trapped inside.

CORKY is my debut independent short animation. It was animated out of my apartment, over a 6 year period.

While the short was generated with a computer, every object, sound, and surface was carefully created with imperfections to achieve a handcrafted style for a magical storybook feel. This handcrafted style was also woven into the original score where kitchen items were incorporated as instruments.

The animated short has no dialogue. The story relies on visual story telling to express its themes of acceptance despite appearance and gratitude through understanding. In today’s world, perhaps this tiny reminder can go a long way.

Uncork the magic!!

Director Biography – Ty Primosch, K-J Mathieson

Ty Primosch is an animator/director, and holds a BFA in Film/Photography & an MFA in Animation. For the last 6 years, outside of the studio environment, Ty has been creating his debut independent animated short called CORKY. After building render farm in the spare bedroom and running up the electric bill, the short is finally complete.

Cruel Shoes

A woman goes into a shoe store, and leaves with… the cruel shoes. Based off the short story “Cruel Shoes,” by Steve Martin.

Director Biography – Kevan Peterson

Kevan Peterson is the writer/director and producer of the theatrically released “Scales: Mermaids Are Real,” which featured two of Hollywood’s Top 10 kids to watch in 2019, Jack Grazer and Elsie Fisher. He’s also written/produced/directed “Wiener Dog Nationals,” and “Wiener Dog Internationals,” both distributed around the world, including the US. He’s a member of the P.G.A., and has won numerous awards throughout his career.


TBA Coming Soon

Director Biography – My Kid Brother, Brandon Habuda, Aidan Guynes

Aidan Guynes is a director/writer based in Philadelphia. He works primarily in short film, music video, & commercial formats.

While he believes film holds entertainment value, he is most concerned with its function to bring new perspective. Consequently, he strives to capture characters and situations that are raw, complex, and inspired from real life experiences. Whether that be in a drama or a fun dystopian music video, that thread of human truth ties them together.

Aidan’s work has been seen on television and at various film festivals. Currently, he is developing several new shorts and continues to work on projects for clients. Hopefully one day, you will see his name in the credits in a movie theater. That is, assuming theaters will still exist!

The Dirty Jersey

The Dirty Jersey is an animated documentary short film that explores the sex culture in one of the Navy Boot Camp housing units nicknamed “The Dirty Jersey” located in Great Lakes, Illinois.

How Blue is your Ocean

By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.


Every two years we make enough plastic to be the equilivent to the weight of the seven billion people on earth. Capt. Charles Moore

An American diver broke the record for deepest submarine dive ever and found something disheartening at the bottom of the ocean — a plastic bag. BBC News reports

The fish eat the plastic
We eat the fish

Director Biography – Joe Pisciotta

Since 2007, madridSTREETfilms has been selected in over 150 film festivals in the U.S., online and abroad. We have aired on PBS and Public Access TV in the U.S. and Europe. For independent film and commentary visit for a look at our work.

I’ll Love You Forever

I’ll Love You Forever tells the story of a mother and son as they interact and grow closer over their lives.

Director Biography – C. Kim Haskell

Kim Haskell has proven himself to be an industry Maverick both as a writer and a director while also overcoming his Cystic Fibrosis. From emotional narrative pieces like the viral short “I’ll Love You Forever” to the impressive visuals in “Come Back With Me”, Kim is an up and coming Writer/Director who is ready to play with the big boys.

Magic Play

A shy boy wizard-in-training is forced into a play date with a witch girl who is unpredictable with her magic.

Director Biography – Natasha Cánepa

A recent SCAD alumni possessing a BFA in Animation, Natasha Cánepa focuses on Character Animation with emphasis on timing and personalized acting. Among this, she has worked in several positions during production mainly pre-production, motion media, compositing and sound design. Her expansive multi set of skills has allowed her to work as a collaborator in multiple projects and gave her the opportunity to lead her own productions mainly “Ready to Fight” and “Magic Play”, both of which have been recognized in multiple festivals including Starz Short Film Competition and Student Production Awards by the Southeast Emmys. She is now running her own one-woman studio named Natasha Cánepa Animation Studios where she offers multiple services for short films, commercials and commissions.

Moving on West

In February 2019 Chef Thomas Curran will embark 3,300 mile walk from Holden Beach, North Carolina to Newport Beach, California for a moment of self, rediscovery and more importantly to raise money for pediatric cancer donating all funds to the PCRF.

Director Biography – Seannie Cameras

Seán O’Grady or as he is affectionately known professionally as “Seannie Cameras” hails from the DMV (D.C./MD/VA) area and is now a Los Angeles based filmmaker, photographer, journalist, and all around mensch. He specializes in music photography/filmmaking, mini-documentary, branded-content, music videos, and pretty much anything you can point a camera at. He is mainly self-taught in the fast-paced, technology evolving landscape of filmmaking but does hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Dayton in Electronic Media with minor’s in Marketing/Photography/Advertising. He holds several awards for films, campaigns and initiative’s he has been integral in shaping over the years.

Mulan: An Eastside Story

Mulan: An East Side Story is a live-action musical based on the tale we all know and love: Mulan. Our twist on the Disney story takes place in modern day.

Unlike the original story, our interpretation has our hero, Mulan, attempt to join an all-male pack of thugs in order to seek revenge against a rival gang rather than being one of the girls that hang out in the kitchen. Through her journey, she learns to overcome her adversities by embracing her unique identity against all odds.

Director Biography – Joseph Le

Joseph Le is a film director, action designer, and storyboard artist working in LA/DC. He is known for directing Afro Samurai Champloo, Kung Fu Tea Commercial, and Mulan: An East Side Story. Joseph began his film career by creating indie action films that paid homage to Hong Kong action flicks. Eventually, he developed his own style that combines hyper realistic anime action with character-based kung fu choreography. Outside of his film career, he also works as a storyboard artist and animator.


A woman who has the power to relive the same day over and over at will begins to realize that life was meant to be lived in one direction.

Places We Can Never Leave

A short film about visualizing and reliving a memory, feeling, person, or place despite being thousands of kilometers away. Ksenija and I came up with the idea for this film while reminiscing about memories that we wish we could relive. One thing led to another and then here we are – who knew Kseni could paint! We shot the principal footage in Delaware back in June, then Kseni went back home to Serbia (the one country in Europe without a travel ban). While there, she filmed some key scenes – the voiceover with her father and an important sequence with her mother.

Written & Directed By Geoff Stone
Introducing Ksenija Marković
Gaffer // Jeremy Ponafala
Key Grip // Drew Stone
Prop Master & PA // James Waters
Production Designer // Ksenija Marković
Narrated By Mišo Marković Featuring Taisija Martinović

Scenes in Serbia Recorded By Ksenija Marković
Filmed & Edited By Geoff Stone Sound Recorded By Geoff Stone & Ksenija Marković

The Professional

Entranced by the wonder of Hollywood, a naive outsider arrives on set for a small background acting gig, only to have her compulsive over-eagerness lead to disaster. Disappointment after disappointment appear to signal her defeat, until a terrifying grizzly encounter proves her will to survive.

Director Biography – Mike Luciano, Cristina Dunlap

Mike Luciano is a writer, filmmaker, and co-creater of the HBO animated series ‘Animals’. Mike is originally from Sea Cliff, NY and went to the School Of Visual Arts (SVA) in NYC where he studied film. He currently lives in LA.


A Grandfather and grandson’s journey through life.

Director Biography – Trilina Mai

Trilina is Vietnamese/Chinese American-born, 2D/3D animator and filmmaker. She earned her BFA in Illustration/Animation at California State University Long Beach focusing on 2D animation. Her character animation strengths have granted her two internships at Pixar. Trilina’s animations and stories capture the timeless nuances of life, and embody a diverse usage of various textures and colors. She is currently based in Long Beach, California and spends her free time trying out new foods and cafe sketching.


Believed to be a competitive species, trees are one of nature’s greatest cooperators. They form communities and communicate with one another using their underground networks of roots and fungi. Inspired by a TED talk given by ecologist Suzanne Simard, ROOTED is an animated documentary short that explores the ways in which trees are capable of working together, most like their human counterparts.

Director Biography – Brenna Catherine Davis

Brenna Catherine Davis is a filmmaker from Charlotte, NC who earned her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Photography and Film from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond, VA. Often working in the realm of documentary, she uses animation and archival footage to reconstruct stories of social injustice and the human experience. Brenna is currently working as the administrative assistant at the AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center in Silver Spring, MD and in her free time writing a limited series about navigating post-grad life. For more of her work, visit

Say What! A Geriatric Proposal

At a post-concert reception, a young jazz musician tries to survive aggressive grannies and other terrifying beasts.

Stalk Talk Forever

you only have to buy it once

TF Roll Out: Hot Rod’s Project

Huskie Toons Animated Fan short based on the popular Transformers series.

They Breed Us To Feed

A man questions the Powers That Be in a resort town amid pandemic.

This film was a short that was produced for the annual Ocean City Film Challenge, a summer contest by the Ocean City Film Festival.

Vatna Glacier

The close look on the brutal reality of the melting Vatna Glacier in Iceland. It is the biggest glacier in Europe, and it is melting with enormous speed because of climate change. The disappearance of this glacier will cause tremendous negative effects on plant Earth.

Director Biography – Mykhailo Bogdanov

Mykhailo Bogdanov who is the director was born in Ukraine. He is currently a full time student at DePaul University (Chicago, IL) where he is finishing his BA in Film and Television. He will be pursuing his MS in Environmental Science in the upcoming academic year. Katarzyna Pomian Bogdanov who is the producer is a PhD student at Northwestern University.