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1. Appleseed Ave – 5 min and 40 secs
2. Lucky Day – 9 min
3. Blackbird – 4 min and 30 secs
4. Jeremy – 9 min
5. Delete – 11 min
6. I Have It – 20 min and 30 secs
7. The Mix Up – 3 min and 30secs
8. Hipster On Hudson – 6 min
9. Broken Belles – 12 min
10. Method – 9 min
11. Marriage Counseling for Friends – 9 min
12. Theatre Lovers – 10 min
13. The Magic Bracelet – 19 min
14. Filmmaker Interview with Ari and Stacy Goldberg (The Magic Bracelet), Brianna Lee (The Professional), Kelly McAdams (Lucky Day), and K-J Mathieson and Ty Primosch (Corky)


Appleseed Ave

Brianna comes to visit Appleseed Ave. to help Grumbalo teach the kids about feelings. But, things take a turn for the worse when she finds out her childhood hero isn’t quite what she thought he’d be.


Refugees seek shelter in a dystopian United States under terrorist control as a courier attempting to deliver letters outside of the country remembers a different life.

Broken Belles

Three career bank heisters are cornered by the cops and as their perfect streak of crime is threatened, their sisterhood is put to the test.

Director Biography – Scott Grady

Scott Grady has written and directed many short films and sketches. He won “Best of the Fest” at The Idaho Laugh Festival with his first short “Swipe”. He won “Best Screenplay” & “Best Film” for “Blend-in” a comedy short he co-wrote and directed with his wife April Matson.


Someone has broken into Candice’s house.


In a small town where relationships are everything, a mysterious rigged vote sends the involved young citizens astir and [politically] against each other (sound familiar?), threatening to dismantle the new community the Mayor-Architect has built.

Director Biography – Julianna Pitt

Julianna Pitt is an Award-Winning Actress and Polish-American Director. She’s written an 8 episode psy-fi series, and a psy-fi medical pilot she’s currently in pre-production on. She’s known for her roles on HBO’s “High Maintenance,” recurring role as “Ellen” on ABC’s “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23,” and her role as “Lola” in the feature film “Sanctuary.” She trained at Sanford Meisner’s Playhouse West in Los Angeles, and The Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) Theatre in New York. Her Best Actress Award was won with a Cannes Officially Selected Director.

She’s performed for several networks and many national commercials.

In 2012, she was in 2 films at the Cannes Festival and attended. She starred in the musical “The Fantastic Clown Club;” and played a supporting role in “Choices,” which won Best Narrative Short.

She speaks fluent Polish. A University of Florida alumna, she has a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Anthropology.


A battle scarred Marine Sergeant struggles to balance his devotion to daughter and his commitment to his military combat service.

Director Biography – Enrique Rico Diaz

Enrique Rico Diaz served as a Captain from the United States Marine Corps and earned a combat action ribbon while serving with a special operations unit. As a result of his service, Rico was disabled for a few years. He persevered through painful surgeries and innovative therapies to complete his film education at the University of California, Los Angeles.

As director and/or producer his films have been accepted into many top festivals including Cannes, South by Southwest, LA Shorts Fest, and Palm Springs International ShortFest. The films he has directed have also won several awards including Best Short. As a producer, his short “DeKalb Elementary” was nominated for the 2018 Oscar for Best Live Action Short.

I Have It

I HAVE IT follows Emily and George (Larisa Oleynik and Devon Gummersall, respectively), a couple meeting for the first time after finding each other on an online dating site for individuals with HIV.

Lucky Day

Believing their luck has procured the win of presidential hopeful, and heart-throb, Jamie Andrews, best friends Jax and LeAnne test just how lucky they are when they stumble upon a neighborhood plumber who looks oddly familiar.

Director Biography – Kelly McAdams

After receiving her BFA degree in Cinematic Arts, Kelly began her professional film journey working as a camera operator for both news and sports in her hometown of Baltimore, MD. Being a life-long lover of all things art, she ventured off to Hollywood, California in 2017 where she works as a scenic painter and production designer. After collecting many experiences and skills, she made a visit back home, rejoined her old film club (Charm City Filmmakers), and in 2019 they created her writing and directorial debut short film, Lucky Day.

Marriage Counseling for Friends

A comedy web-series about a queer woman and a socially anoretic guy who decide to go to couples counseling to deepen their platonic friendship. Written and produced by Los Angeles based sketch comedians Kimia Behpoornia and Nick Luciano. Directed by Tamera L Fields.

Director Biography – Tamera L Fields

Tamera received her MFA in screenwriting from American Film Institute (AFI). Her film “Open Hearts, Inc.”, that she wrote & directed, won the audience award at the Oakland International Film Festival.


An actress takes her new role seriously. A little too seriously.

The Mix Up

A thriller script writer falls into a hell of writer’s block.

Director Biography – Han Chuan Kuo

Han Chuan Kuo is a film director born in Taipei, Taiwan. Currently a freelance filmmaker and studying in Film Directing at AAU, San Francisco. She has four years’ professional experience for filmmaking and has made more than fifteen short films, commercials, and music videos as a director. Han won an award in the North by Northeastern Film Festival and the NXTUP Film Festival.

Theatre Lovers

An awkward encounter at a Berlin cafe reveals the importance of not making assumptions.

Director Biography – Saddiq Abubakar

Saddiq Abubakar is a Nigerian American filmmaker based in Berlin. Due to his multilingual and multicultural upbringing, Saddiq has gained a sensitivity to the nuances of social situations from multiple perspectives. Showing an early interest in poetry, photography and theatre, it seemed only a matter of time before he started making films.

Saddiq studied cinematography at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and has participated in several independent film projects as an actor, an art director, a location director, a cinematographer and primarily as a writer and director. His photography and videography has been featured on such platforms as Vice, Pangeaseed, Juxtapose, Vine Magazine, Bullet Magazine, and Textile Wirtschaft. In addition, Saddiq worked as co-editor of the Auteurist Magazine, a magazine about the great American directors of past and present that reviews of historical and current films. Saddiq Abubakar has lived and worked in Berlin-Neukölln since 2014.

The Magic Bracelet

This project was created by Make A Film Foundation to fulfill the wish of 15 year old Rina Goldberg whose final words to her mom before she died of mitochondrial disease were “Promise to take care of my film.” The Magic Bracelet mysteriously links best friends Angela, Ashley and a cheese obsessed dog.

When Ashley inherits a totem bracelet from a friend who died of Mitochondrial Disease – the same illness she herself battles – it leads the girls on a mystical journey of discovery in which a new level of friendship, family and healing is revealed.

Director Biography – Rina Goldberg

While mitochondrial disease took Rina Goldberg from this world on December 29, 2010, just two weeks after her 15th birthday, her spirit is transcendent and continues to inspire. Rina was determined that her original story, which began as a diversion from the mitochondrial disease stalking her body organ by organ, would appear on the Hollywood big screen and spread her life mantra: Love Life, Dream Big, Be Positive. Rina wrote the script for and inspired the production of the award-winning short film, The Magic Bracelet. Through the Make A Film Foundation, Rina has left behind a message to others in “The Magic Bracelet.” The nonprofit organization pairs Hollywood’s top producers, directors, writers, actors and other crew members with young filmmakers who have serious chronic or life-threatening illnesses to create short film legacies that offer hope and build self-esteem. Despite the complex medical challenges and equipment, which surrounded her, Rina pushed the disease aside and lived life to the fullest. Rina proudly held the titles “Jr. Producer, Jr. Director, and Jr. Writer. The movie project became an outlet for Rina’s creative mind serving as an avenue in which her vision and voice could reach the world; raising crucial awareness about mitochondrial disease in a light-hearted fashion. Although Rina had mitochondrial disease, mitochondrial disease never had Rina. The Magic Bracelet has screened at over 50 film festivals, won Best Short Film at 3 festivals and Rina was posthumously awarded the Young Filmmaker Award at the Catalina Film Festival.