The dreaded Cliffhanger. It seems everything that comes in the form of a series ends with one now. From the last pages of a novel only teasing the next volume, to television season finales, to mid-season finales, to… well, almost every episode lately to be honest. Will Picard destroy the Federation as Locutus? Is Sherlock dead after falling off the roof? Who will Negan introduce to Lucille? Can Harry find all of the Horcruxes in time? Of course, we know the answers to all of those now, but at the time they were gut-wrenching. I know, I know…. you’ve got the same feeling with this strip. It’s ok, I sympathize. But just like you made it to the second season of Stranger Things, you’ll make it through this cliffhanger too. Plus, I guarantee Season Two of “The Line Starts Here” will definitely, positively, maybe NOT have Porgs! Thanks, everyone. Hope you all have enjoyed these 26 strips as much as I have had making them. Looking forward to the future on this! Eric