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Sandeep Parikh

Sandeep is truly a product of the YouTube/multi-hyphenate era of content creators.  He wrote and directed Comedy Central and’s highest rated and most viewed web series The Legend of Neil, which has had multiple television runs on Comedy Central and MTV2.  It was rated in the Hollywood Reporter as one of the Top 10 Webisodes to watch. Neil has garnered over 6 million views online was nominated for 8 Streamy Awards including Best Director for Sandeep. notes that Neil gave “birth to a new star that has brightened the firmament of nerd culture.”  

Sandeep acts as the series regular, Zaboo in the acclaimed and multiple award-winning web series The Guild, arguably the most successful online series to date which has been viewed over 100 million times. He’s been nominated for 2 Streamy Awards for Best Comedic Actor. He has also appeared on Showtime’s Californication, NBC’s Community as well as their companion web series Abed’s Films and as a host on Comedy Central’s AtomTV.

Sandeep is also on the cutting edge of branded entertainment producing and writing The Webventures of Justin & Alden a branded web series for Trident Gum and directing an episode of Suite 7 for Lifetime which is sponsored by The Better Sleep Council. Sandeep’s successes have led Comedy Central to sign one of its first combo new media/television deals for the creation of 2 more web series as well as a blind-script television pilot, which he is currently in development.

Known For:

Abed’s Film, AtomTV, Californication, Community, Suite 7, The Guild, The Legend of Neil, and The Webventures of Justin & Alden

Sandeep Parikh will be attending Awesome Con on Saturday and Sunday.