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Appearing: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Marie “Maweezy” Chante, a 26-year-old NJ/NY based Filipino cosplayer, began her craft in 2012. In her 7 years of Cosplay, Maweezy has created notable works such as Misa x Rem from Death Note, Battle Armor Sally, Fruit Ninja, and Queen Gloppy from Candyland. These plus more of her cosplays have earned Maweezy the reputation of designing unique and original “mash-up” pieces of work. Maweezy has been featured on large media outlets such as Allure Magazine, as well as gained recognition by TV Company, HBO, where she was featured in their Halloween 2017 Youtube series, “Watch Me Become” as Night Queen Daenerys Targaryen, a mash-up concept from HBO TV series Game of Thrones.

While Maweezy is still learning and growing her craft in cosplay, she works at a community hospital as a registered nurse and spends her time as a competitive dancer on UFP Dance Company from Matawan, NJ. In a little over a half a decade, Maweezy has inspired individuals new to this art to get started on their cosplay goals. Becoming a part of the cosplay community has been an amazing experience for her, and she looks forward to what’s to come in the future for cosplay. Maweezy is thankful for her family, friends, and fans that have supported her on this incredible journey and for those who continue to encourage her to pursue this craft!