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Project Description

Matthew Dembicki

Matt Dembicki is an award-winning cartoonist in the DMV whose current projects include the online comics anthology, which focuses on atypical historical stories about Washington, D.C. He previously edited and contributed to District Comics. Matt has also written the historical comics The Brewmaster’s Castle (the life and times of D.C. beer brewer Christian Heurich) and They Came to See Me Die!(the story of turn-of-the-century aviation pioneer Lincoln Beachey). In addition, he edited the Aesop Prizing-winning anthology Trickster: Native American Tales. Matt is a co-founder of the D.C. Conspiracy, a local comics creators collective; a regular contributor to the comics newspaper Magic Bullet; and occasionally posts on ComicsDC, a blog that focuses on comics-related happenings in the greater D.C. area.

Known For:

D.C. Conpiracy,, The Brewmaster’s Castle, and They Came to See Me Die!

Matthew Dembicki will be attending Awesome Con on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.